Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Time to call for a Probe into AKRF

Posted from NoLand Grab. Question of the day, why is this firm still considered an remotely objective source? If an accounting firm continuously 'cooked the books'...well we know what happens. Once again its a result of the post 1960s baby boomer ascendancy - there is no 'real' right and wrong, so if you can 'prove' your 'truth' on a technicality, you 'win' and there's no moral consequence.

This firm has consistently and deliberately distorted the truth and made a mockery of analaysis and public review. Yet they are still in business- a perfect indicator that lying is a very profitable pursuit.::

AKRF’s Attempt to Demolish Abolitionist Homes Reveals Vast Brooklyn Network

Lapdog of developers inadvertently bites master’s hand
By Raul Rothblatt

This is the only comprehensive "gavel-to-gavel" report we've come across from yesterday's Underground Railroad Duffield Street hearing of the City's Landmarks Committee.

Homes on Duffield St. are under threat of eminent domain condemnation despite mounting evidence that they were part of Brooklyn's Underground Railroad network.

There is a firm called AKRF which has 25 years experience in squelching opposition to big development projects.

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