Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bring Back the Draft

But this should be a discriminatory one. Neoconservatives, and all supporters of the war in Iraq should be called to service. Yes I know its an insult to military professionals, those with honor, a sense of right and wrong to allow cowards, liars and traitors to don American military uniforms, but perhaps we can create a special "foreign legion" type branch of our military for the Neoconservatives.

We'll embrace 'diversity' too. No discrimination here. Hillary Clinton and other female warhawks would be welcome. Not a US citizen? a traitor in fact? No problem.

Perhaps a draft wouldn't be necessary. Perhaps we could appeal to their sense of honor? I know its a stretch to assume that any neocon would have any sense of honor, as I said earlier today:

Not one neoconservetive - from Bush down - has paid the price for the hundreds of thousands of ruined lives, the billions (nearing a trillion) spent and the permanent loss of US prestige and respect. Not one.

As is typical in war, a couple of low ranking sergeants and privates have been quickly drummed before the media and chastised by the Bush administration in a display of false piety. But not one neoconservative has paid the price.

Instead of book contracts - all of these traitors (and that's what they are, traitors) ought to be put on front line duty in Iraq, no matter what their age - after all Iraqi children and geriatrics don't have a choice, why should neocons?

As it stands, society is thus far awarding them, the same way ex-madames and mobsters are awarded big book contracts, attention on the talk show circuit, glamorous depictions on showtime and hbo...perhaps we should start making them pay for what they did rather than reward them.

Perhaps John McCain, who so bravely suggested we bomb Iran, perhaps his family should go live in some 'insurgent' part if Iraq, and we'll see how he feels when we sing 'bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb iraq'.

Rather than a cushy job as president of the World Bank, perhaps Mr. Wolfowitz should use his financial talents in some remote Iraqi outpost, stringing together enough financing to get water running in villages that have none. Now his girlfriend might not want a job where suicide bombers are out of control, but since Mr. Wolfowitz didn't think the Iraqis would mind, I am sure he won't either.

Is it any wonder that dishonorable behavior - lying, cheating and stealing - on all levels of government, in journalism, in society - is at epidemic proportions? When society reward people for their dishonest behavior, we can expect more of it.

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