Friday, May 4, 2007

I don't have cable, but I have the comedy channel

"Terrific," best Environmental Impact Study, ever!

And the winner for best quote from yesterday's hearing on the environmental review lawsuit goes to the attorney for the Empire Strikes Back Development Corporation, Philip Karmel:

“This EIS is terrific and I don’t think there’s a better one in my professional experience.”

NoLandGrab: Thanks to Norman Oder for citing that in today's article on Atlantic Yards Report.

Who needs the comedy channel? If the ESDC can't actually do its job (whatever that is) at least they can entertain us. I would have sat through the three + hours of hearings, if only to see the expression of both Karmel's face and of those in the audience when he delivered this one. This is one of those 'big lie' statements the Forest City and ESDC are so fond of. Lies so outrageous, so absurd, that for a moment rational minds stop and consider that they might be true. Your mom must be so proud Phil!

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