Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Peculiar Uses of Pseudoscience.

Modern liberalism - (as opposed to classical liberalism) - which might be more accurately described libertine is almost entirely based on lies. From 'tabula rasa' to Freud, to gross distortions about Senator McCarthy, to the "good fight' myth of the Spanish Civil war its more or less one lie after another.

Neoconservitism has taken on this peculiar trait of lying -lying us into war for example. I believe it stems from slavish devotion to idealogy. Once one embraces an idealogy , one tends to make the world fit to it. I couldn't make Libertarianism fit to what I felt were deeply held beliefs. The free market' wouldn't preserve historic homes for example, and historic homes are visual record of who we are - and ultimately folk history and common shared past are more important to preserving liberties than abstract notions. Nor did it gel with my environmentalism, or belief that national parks and other public spaces (note Ratner not publicly accessible spaces) are in general, good things and not remotely 'communistic'.

But one of the more commonly held beliefs is that, in general the religious right is anti-rational, anti-science, while the left knows no idea it is afraid of. One only need look at the shrill reactions to EO Wilson to know that isn't true.

Radicals, whether left or right, always seek to break the family unit because the family is the building block of society and any effort to build a new social order means, of course, you must destroy the old. Thus the marxists advocacy radical feminism and promiscuity.

In such an environment, someone can actually find a publisher for and have people seriously consider this:

Does sex on first date boost relationship chances?:
Is sex on a first date wrong?
SEX on a first date is for one-night stands, right? Well, actually, no.

According to new book The Rough Guide to the Brain, sleeping with someone early on can INCREASE your chances of a long-term relationship.

Granted it might not just be idealogical: There are plenty of males who would love for this to become a commonly held belief. Its an idea that helps obtain an end, so many have a vested interest in it becoming a 'truth' despite thousands of years of cultural, religious tradition and common sense that tells us otherwise. But honestly, how could someone even countenance such nonsense?

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