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Oh, if only they knew how wrong they are...

Diversity Enriches Us, Everyone Loves Freedom...

If we could all just open our borders we'll all live happily ever after..the global marketplace will solve everything....
Chinese Students in U.S. Fight View of Their Home

LOS ANGELES — When the time came for the smiling Tibetan monk at the front of the University of Southern California lecture hall to answer questions, the Chinese students who packed the audience for the talk last Tuesday had plenty to lob at their guest....
If Tibet was not part of China, why had the Chinese emperor been the one to give the Dalai Lama his title? How did the tenets of Buddhism jibe with the “slavery system” in Tibet before China’s modernization efforts? What about the Dalai Lama’s connection to Hitler?

As the monk tried to rebut the students, they grew more hostile. They brandished photographs and statistics to support their claims. “Stop lying! Stop lying!” one young man said. A plastic bottle of water hit the wall behind the monk, and campus police officers hustled the person who threw it out of the room.

Whoops! How long will it take the West to figure out they're the only ones hmmming "It's a Small World"

Bruce Ratner: the Ed Wood of Developers?

He's a horrible developer, but he makes for entertaining commentary, this from dddb :

Then he disses his starchitect-for-hire Frank Gehry (and all architects, for that matter, who fritter away their time on that nonsense work of theirs):
"I'm proud of both of these [Atlantic Terminal Mall and Metrotech], because the jobs they create number one and number two they save people money and allow people to buy good quality goods at lower prices and this serves a large part of Brooklyn. So, you know, those who focus on the architecture are frankly misguided about what's really important in this world,” says Ratner...

Ever seen the prices at the Atlantic Center Mall Pathmark?!

(On his Atlantic Yards Report Norman Oder takes a decidely less tongue-in-cheek look at the NY1 interview with Ratner, and concludes that it may be a "soft release" for a future announcement that Gehry is no longer so involved with the project, "Ratner lowers our architectural expections; will Gehry ease away?")

Then NY1 tells us that even though Bruce Ratner wants to remake 22-acres—at the crossroads of Brooklyn—according to his specifications, he is modest and subdued because, well, he doesn't put his name on his buildings:

...Perhaps that feeling stems from Ratner’s own personal style. There is a lack of ostentation, reflected in his office, also reflected in the absence of his name on his buildings.
Oh, and have you heard, Ratner is "progressive*":
...He headed off to Harvard, and then Columbia Law School, which Ratner calls the three most important years of his life.

"I was there when the buildings were taken,” says Ratner. “I didn't take over any buildings but I was what one would call fairly progressive*."

Well, Mr. Ratner, you're certainly trying very hard to "take over buildings" now.

(*He kept using that word. We do not think it means what he thinks it means.)

Its sort of like the old Mystery Science Theater 2000 - except Atlantic Yards is the crappy film, Ratner the washed up actor - its just no fun without the commentary.

Just imagine what sort of films Ed Wood would have made if he had the subsidies of Bruce Ratner...

The World Is Flat, theMarkets Solve Everything, Open Borders, Blink, A New Pardigm..

how many meaningless phrases does it take to fill an empty stomach:

If Japan's food shortages prove to be a preview for the United States, turning America's productive farmlands into housing developments for an ever-increasing population may seem like another bad policy choice. America is no longer a food-exporting nation, as it was for so long when our productive farmers grew grain to feed a hungry planet.

Indeed, the first signs of food scarcity are already showing up:

"Major retailers in New York, in areas of New England, and on the West Coast are limiting purchases of flour, rice, and cooking oil as demand outstrips supply. There are also anecdotal reports that some consumers are hoarding grain stocks. "[Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World By Josh Gerstein, New York Sun, April 21, 2008].

Hey, Maybe We Should Build More Strip Malls To Keep the Economy Going

What happens when you add a million + people a year and drive the economy by suburanizing farmland...food shortages, of course!
Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World

Staff Reporter of the Sun

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Many parts of America, long considered the breadbasket of the world, are now confronting a once unthinkable phenomenon: food rationing. Major retailers in New York, in areas of New England, and on the West Coast are limiting purchases of flour, rice, and cooking oil as demand outstrips supply. There are also anecdotal reports that some consumers are hoarding grain stocks.

Wiser words than I:

Food Or Immigrants? That’s America’s Choice On Earth Day 2008

By Brenda Walker

[See also “Redwoods Or Immigrants?” That’s America’s Choice On Earth Day 2007, by Brenda Walker]

Just 40 years ago, Enoch Powell began his so-called "Rivers of Blood" speech on April 20, 1968 with a comment that could have been made by an environmentalist: "The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils."

Thought for Earth Day, April 22 2008: Isn’t the immigration-fueled overpopulation of our beautiful country the most preventable evil of all?

What a concept—that elected officials should actually look forward, and plan to reach an optimum future for the citizenry.

Of course P-L-A-N is the four-letter word that has eluded the vocabulary of Washington, whose denizens can hardly foresee their way to the next election cycle.

If America’s elected representatives cared about the country they have sworn to defend, they might consider the future prospects of Americans having an adequate food supply. The increasingly expensive commodity in the headlines recently is gasoline, but food prices are following close behind, with prices for basic staples like rice, wheat and corn rising over 80 percent worldwide in three years.

As I wrote recently, the climate-change controversy has pulled attention away from environmental issues about which everyone can agree. There is no argument that human health and well being require clean air and water. We also need enough farmland to grow the food we eat. But prime agricultural acreage is lost to development at a rate of two acres per minute according to a 2002 study by the American Farmland Trust.

The year 2008 may be remembered as the time when shortages of basic necessities became commonplace.

Worldwide population growth, coupled with the affluence of China and India, has begun to create food shortages, even in First World countries. Japan has run out of butter, for example.

"Japan's acute butter shortage, which has confounded bakeries, restaurants and now families across the country, is the latest unforeseen result of the global agricultural commodities crisis.

A sharp increase in the cost of imported cattle feed and a decline in milk imports, both of which are typically provided in large part by Australia, have prevented dairy farmers from keeping pace with demand.

While soaring food prices have triggered rioting among the starving millions of the Third World, in wealthy Japan they have forced a pampered population to contemplate the shocking possibility of a long-term—perhaps permanent—reduction in the quality and quantity of its food."[Japan's hunger becomes a dire warning for other nations, By Justin Norrie, The Age, Melbourne, Australia, April 21, 2008]

If Japan's food shortages prove to be a preview for the United States, turning America's productive farmlands into housing developments for an ever-increasing population may seem like another bad policy choice. America is no longer a food-exporting nation, as it was for so long when our productive farmers grew grain to feed a hungry planet.

Indeed, the first signs of food scarcity are already showing up:

"Major retailers in New York, in areas of New England, and on the West Coast are limiting purchases of flour, rice, and cooking oil as demand outstrips supply. There are also anecdotal reports that some consumers are hoarding grain stocks. "[Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World By Josh Gerstein, New York Sun, April 21, 2008].

Since we are in a "global marketplace" (as talking heads keep reminding us), Washington will do nothing to keep America's home-grown food from being sold to foreign markets, even in the case of food shortages here. Washington's policy on protecting Americans' food supply might be a good question for Presidential candidates, in fact.

Even so, it makes no sense to use prime agricultural land for housing and other development. In this respect, the "smart growth" advocates are correct. It makes even less sense to continue open borders to the world as if there is no cost to be paid.

California has one of the most managed environments in the US. The engineered water system has allowed California to pack in nearly 40 million residents, far more than the environment can support without damaging its natural resources. Every rainy season is faced with hope and dread, now that only one low year of rainfall puts the state at risk for mandatory household water restriction because of increased demand.

Part of water management is wildlife control. That means no semblance of normal life cycles for creatures like salmon. Once the iconic fish of the northwest swam from the ocean to return to the place in mountain streams where it had hatched to breed before dying. Now those rivers have been dammed, diverted or dried up because of human intervention to control water.

This year, the California salmon fishery crashed. Not only was the failure a surprise to experts, but the cause is not understood for sure—largely because there are so many possibilities of what could have gone wrong. Whatever the reason, it may well be the end of a way of life for hundreds of the state's fishermen, not to mention the loss of a valuable and delicious food source: End of coast's 150-year-old fishery looms [San Francisco Chronicle, April 12, 2008].

"Now, for the first time since commercial fishing began on the West Coast more than 150 years ago during the Gold Rush era, no boats will be permitted to put to sea to fish for chinook, the fabled king salmon that is the mainstay of the commercial fishery.

“The ban is only for one year, but it could be a death blow to an industry that has been in decline for years. As recently as 15 years ago, 4,000 small boats fished off the California coast for salmon; now the salmon fleet numbers only 400."

The financial loss in commercial and recreational salmon fishing to California is estimated to be over $20 million for one season. But the failing health of the supporting environment has other indicators as well, in particular the precipitous decline of the delta smelt last year. It's an ordinary little fish, but its plunging numbers show how rapidly the Sacramento River Delta has become more of a sewer than an ecosystem.

In California, the health of fisheries has always taken a back seat to agricultural interests—and, of course, to the omnipresent needs of population growth. When Los Angeles demands more water, politicians salute and obey, if they want to keep their jobs.

Not long ago, fish was an inexpensive source of protein and a tasty addition to meals. Now waste and poor resource management have put some species' survival at risk, not to mention removed them as a food source. With so many additional mouths to feed, it's tremendously short-sighted to treat our natural resources so unwisely.

Overpopulation, both domestic and global, creates more difficult choices. One example is the use of food plants like corn to create ethanol, in order to achieve energy independence from the Saudi oil barons, a worthwhile effort that is decades late. However, food prices have shot up as a result, leading to rioting in countries like Haiti and Egypt that are already on the edge.

Natural resources can only stretch so far. Technology cannot be a savior from human foibles.

On Earth Day, we adults should be talking about reasonable limits—on immigration into the U.S. for example.

In fact, although the environmentalist establishment ducks the immigration issue, responsible environmentalists who are honest about the overpopulation crisis are among the toughest critics of open borders. The word "zero" rolls from their lips far more often than among other groups. Conservationists who look at the numbers grasp that a hundred thousand newcomers today rapidly expand to a million because of children and America's family-based immigration policies are a Ponzi scheme from Hell.

Skyrocketing food prices and looming shortages are a symptom that America is full up.

For Earth Day, citizens should insist that politicians must "provide against preventable evils"—even if they don’t mention the controversial Enoch Powell as the source of that wisdom.

One Mysterey Solved

Napoleon is purported to have said ""Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence." I have always wondered why Ratner shied away from the media. I always figured it was because when you tell so many lies, it might be difficult to keep them straight if reporters strayed from the script. While I still think that is true - any true sunlight shined on Bruce Ratner would reveal a low life hustler....but it could be...that...he's just dumb:

"We need jobs, we need shopping that's appropriate and the right price and quality goods, we need supermarkets that provide food that is of quality and well-priced, we need housing, and you know what? The architecture is important, but it's not that important," says Ratner.

Wow, and I thought I bungled my ESDC testimony. We know Ratner has no spatial intelligence...we now know he also lacks eloquence....the question now is, other than insatiable greed and low ethical standards...what does he bring to the table.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Maybe There Will Be an Earthquake This Time

Yes, we've had some rotten luck with weather in the past - torrential rain, blazing sun...but in the same way that everything was going Ratner's way a year ago, even the weather, it seems like everything is in play against him...including us...maybe we were those 'butterfly wings flapping' that caused a hurricane?
Even Brooklyn Speaks is speaking. Rally May 3 from dddb:.

ARK YOUR CALENDARS and Come on out…

Community Rally On Atlantic Yards Called For

May 3rd, 2 PM
752 Pacific Street
(near Carlton Avenue)
in the "footprint" of the proposed project.

Call a Time Out on the Atlantic Yards Bait and Switch:
A Community Rally to Tell Governor Paterson to Halt the Atlantic Yards Project

If you only go to one major Atlantic Yards rally...this is the one:

A major community rally will be held Saturday, May 3, 2pm at 752 Pacific Street. The Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods, Brooklyn Speaks, and Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn will join with community leaders and elected officials in calling for a freeze on all Atlantic Yards activities. The three sponsoring organizations represent thousands of New Yorkers that have had differing perspectives on issues raised by the Atlantic Yards proposal, but all agree that the current state of affairs is intolerable.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

EU Wipes England Off The Map

On St George's Day, EU wipes England off map
By Robert Winnett, Deputy Political Editor

England has been wiped off a map of Europe drawn up by Brussels bureaucrats as part of a scheme that the Tories claim threatens to undermine the country's national identity.

The new European plan splits England into three zones that are joined with areas in other countries.

The "Manche" region covers part of southern England and northern France while the Atlantic region includes western parts of England, Portugal, Spain and Wales.

The North Sea region includes eastern England, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and parts of Germany.

A copy of the map, which makes no reference to England or Britain, has even renamed the English Channel the "Channel Sea".

Each zone will have a "transnational regional assembly", although they will not have extensive powers. However, the zones are regarded as symbolically important by other countries.

ministers claimed that the plan was about "underlying the goal of a united Europe" to "permanently overcome old borders" at a time when the "Constitution for Europe needs to regain momentum".

The Tories are drawing attention to the plan today, St George's Day. Eric Pickles, the shadow secretary of state for communities and local government, said: "We already knew that Gordon Brown had hoisted the white flag of surrender to the European constitution.

"Now the Labour government has been caught red-handed, conspiring with European bureaucrats to create a European super-state via the back door."

The disclosure of the European map comes as a YouGov poll commissioned by The Daily Telegraph showed that one third of people want England to have its own parliament.

Twenty per cent want England to be an independent country and for Britain to be broken up.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ben Stein Takes on the "Intelligentsia "

Expelled. For too long idiots like Richard Dawkins have been masquerading as the voice of 'reason' when even a brief look at some of his views proves he's anything but. I just might shell out 11.00 and see this.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Reality, Only In Small Doses.

The NYT has a small dose of reality...from Randal Burns:

The gradual erosion of the paycheck has become a stealth force driving the American economic downturn. Most of the attention has focused on the loss of jobs and the risk of layoffs. But the less-noticeable shrinking of hours and pay for millions of workers around the country appears to be a bigger contributor to the decline, which has already spread from housing and finance to other important areas of the economy.While official unemployment has risen only modestly, to 5.1 percent, the reduction of wages and working hours for those still employed has become a primary cause of distress, pushing many more Americans into a downward spiral, economists say.[Workers Get Fewer Hours, Deepening the Downturn, by Peter S. Goodman, April 18, 2008]

As I reported in The Jobs Crunch, there has been a serious erosion of many dimensions of job quality. Reduction of disposable income is one dimension of this erosion. We can see folks moving from low rent rural areas to high rent urban areas and have significantly less income left after taxes, housing, insurance and transportation costs. Another dimension is that people in a harsh economic climate may take jobs that are simply unpleasant or even morally offensive to them.

I tend to think that in many respects, jobs quality and living standards may have peaked in the US right before the Kennedy-inspired expansion of immigration. The result has been transfer of trillions of dollars of assets into the hands of the wealthy-and the gutting of the American economy.

Turning around over 40 years of gross mismanagement of a huge economy will be hard. What articles like this one in the New York Times are suggesting is that the economic decline of America is becoming so obvious, it cannot be ignored any longer.

While I agree with Mr. Burns that this can't be ignored...but it will be, except in 'small doses' like this ho-hum article. As with the Iraq war, the loud cheerleading will drown out the reality..and one key point Burns touches on -the super wealthy continue to profit and really, just don't care about Americans or middle America, in fact they have been raised in a culture that looks at the Nation state as obsolete (Samuel Huntington, Who Are We).We are the eggs being broken for the their 'brave new' omelet.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Frank Gehry Gets Angry

No Land Grab On FrankGehry:

“Cities are filled with bad buildings and nobody complains,” he said. “But if I do a building, there’s all sorts of protests.”

Umm People do complain about bad buildings.... your buildings, Frank. You know the ones that leak, reflect sun so the temperature across the street turns to 140 degrees, the ones where streets have to be closed off because your (bad) buildings are so poorly designed that snow slides off them and can endanger pedestrians in the street, the conference rooms that give people vertigo (I guess that makes conferences difficult Frank, but I am not an architect) the list goes on. In other words, your buildings suck. Give it up. Retire, sell out..oops you already have - just license your name on handbags and jewelery and such - they can be easily discarded when people realize what crap they are.

Oh BTW, Frank, We're angry too. Let's make a deal - you don't build your shit buildings in my neighborhood and I won't point out the obvious -you're a lousy fraud.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Guess You Have To Pay for Billionaire Ratner's Subsidies Somehow...

Albany considering forcing the collection of sales tax from Amazon and other online retailers. link.

State officials estimate the move will bring in around $50 million in new revenues by making cash-strapped New York the first state to collect sales taxes directly from online retailers that don’t have some type of brick-and-mortar presence here.

Is it constitutional? Hell, who cares, its bringing in revenue...by further taxing the middle class....funny how 'cash strapped' New York is still finding billions for Bruce Ratner.

New taxes for us...billions of tax dollars and tax breaks for Ratner...something wrong here? You bet.

Catching Up On The Fatner Ball.

Of all the analysis of the hubris exhibited by the Brooklyn museum, this post, linked by nolandgrab, captures the essence of what it symbolized:

It Came from the Blogosphere...


Museum Hours, Museum Hours

Also wrong were the Museum's decision at the show's gala party to honor bulldozer developer Bruce Ratner and to invite Louis Vuitton to create a faux knockoff handbag bazaar. In Marie Antoinette style, VIP guests were invited to pretend they were a poor plebian purchasing an imitation purse while paying 100 times the cost. And, get this, a portion of sales was donated to maybe the least-deserving charity ever -- the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation.

It's getting time to grab the pitchforks. I am no fan of the French Revolution and all it symbolized, but excesses displayed here are symbolic of the real crimes and abuse of trust exhibited by our increasingly hated, and hateful "elite".

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obama In His Own Words

Why anyone white would vote for this man is beyond me.

Obama Visits Billionaire's Row

That's where he made his comment about his contempt for white middle class America.

You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, a lot of them -- like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them. And they've gone through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it's not surprising then that they get bitter, and they cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy toward people who aren't like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Great link and photos here:

I know this is a bold prediction, but this could very well be one of the last presidential elections in the United States...it just can't go on like this.

Better start clinging to those guns (and religion)whitey because we're in for a rough ride

Steve Sailier : Updated: Interracial Marriage as the Path to Interracial Harmony and AK-47 Bling


Updated: Interracial Marriage as the Path to Interracial Harmony and AK-47 Bling

Singer Alicia Keys, who was raised by her white mom after her black dad split, provides another example of how interracial mating automatically creates transracial harmony among the mixed race offspring:

regarding talking with a 'fake' black accent- this is more an entertainment thing I think - the rolling stones, for example - mick jagger talked with a 'downmarket' accent - and tried to sing with an american one, despite his london school of economics background.

pretending to be from 'the hood' is good business for entertainers - Eddie Murphy, for example.

Regarding "interacial greatness''s comments (see comments section):
This is what usually passes for an 'argument' from the 'other side' perhaps they are used to their ideas meeting no serious opposition but 'hey its the trend of the future get over it, fuddie duddies' is patent absurdity. Rather, let us consider how much longer this artificially held together 'society' can last when a society is built to go against human nature, as our post 1960s society is...it destroys the very thing holding it up.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Bollywood Break...Eklayva

Oh crap, embedding disables... here's the link.

The Sun Publishes Paul Gottfired?

Do my eyes deceive me? Someone on vacation at the Sun?

The Age of American Unreason
By PAUL GOTTFRIED | April 9, 2008

A measure of the glowing success of American historian and Columbia University professor Richard Hofstadter (1916–1970), beyond the numerous editions of his books, is the veneration that came from the New York Times, the New Republic, and the Chronicle of Higher Education when my colleague David Brown published a biography of Hofstadter two years ago. Although the biography was far from uncritical, readers and reviewers mostly took the opportunity to celebrate Hofstadter’s “liberal” achievement. Only two reviews known to me — one my own in the American Conservative and the other by Wilfred McClay in the Wall Street Journal — acknowledged that the biography offered harsh judgments as well as kind ones about its “renowned” subject. The consensus among his admirers was that Hofstadter had been more than simply a productive writer who had trained a future generation of well-placed establishment historians: He had, they suggested, pointed out the past failings of American society, a society whose politics had been polluted by rural populists and other alleged yahoos.


My note:: when our so called elite - whose ideas are reflected in mainstream media- take such pains to cover up the truth, it is a clear sign of a failing system and society that is falling apart:

From Gates of Vienna Blogspot:
The following article appeared on Tuesday in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. It caused quite a stir in Sweden and Denmark; Steen posted about it the day it came out.

It’s an important and ground-breaking essay, especially since it appeared in the Swedish MSM, which up until now has been categorically unwilling to discuss the issue of immigration in realistic terms.

Our Swedish correspondent HL has kindly translated the entire article for us.

“The Journalists cover up the truth about the Immigrants”

Demands for transparency in Swedish immigration politics: Political correctness is like a poison gas in the climate of debate regarding asylum and refugee issues. During a quarter of a century, approximately one million foreign nationals have been granted residency in Sweden. Nine out of ten of these are neither classified as refugees nor are they in need of protection. It is therefore a lie that Sweden’s welcoming of foreigners primarily is aimed at giving protection to the most vulnerable refugees. But this is kept quiet about by both politicians and the mass media. Especially the journalists have failed to live up to their responsibility. Instead we have engaged in a national cover-up for ideological reasons of everything that touches upon immigration, asylum, and refugee issues. The government should now immediately investigate how much those people who have come here cost in public expenses and contribute through taxes. A society that falls apart because of too much immigration serves the interests of no one. Thus writes Gunnar Sandelin, journalist, social worker and former media spokesperson for Bris [Translator’s note: A Children’s Rights Group].

From the mid-70’s and for ten years I worked at a social security office and a rehab center in Stockholm. As a rookie social worker I found myself in a tradition which I instinctively opposed, even from the start, but which I nonetheless soon fell into compliance with. I was granting residence permits to asylum seekers, vacation trips to the countries they supposedly had fled from. I paid social security money to foreign nationals who I was almost certain had undocumented jobs on the side — all done in order to avoid uncomfortable confrontations. Concerning a certain ethnic group, my boss told me that “we’ll just have to support and regard them as a folklorist’s daub of color.” In hindsight it is obvious that I for one lacked adequate experience and the courage it would have taken to change the yielding and permissive system. Many times the social workers engendered an unhealthy dependency on benefits, regardless whether the clients were Swedish or had a foreign background.

Phillip Weiss Goes To Indiana...

For a guy who wants to forget his "Jewishnesh" he sure does a lot talking about it:
I just got back from Bloomington, Indiana. My first visit there. The place has always resonated in my mind because my parents' best friends made aliyah, moving to Israel in 1968, after living in Bloomington. It wasn't just the '67 war that called them to Israel. Indiana was largely bereft of Jewishness, and it freaked them out. The father in that family was a brilliant scientist. He had trouble getting together a religious minyan in IN, and he worried that his kids would marry non-Jews if they grew up there. They were treated wonderfully in Indiana; but that wasn't enough, they wanted a Jewish life. Israel.
[my note: this is why I have always thought Jewish liberalism was for the most part a massive fraud- mutlticulti-love was for gentiles to practice- the WASP family has to 'guess who's coming to dinner'- I would have no problem with the former if the latter weren't so aggressively promoted by those who believe in the former.]

....... Indiana University is also home to Alvin Rosenfeld, who wrote the horrifying AJC report on anti-Zionism being a form of anti-semitism. Rosenfeld's position is now reflected by the U.S. State Department, in its definition of antisemitism.
[As Forward below says Jews are 'over represented' in politics - but clearly we are not getting better, rational saner political policies, as the above clearly illustrates. Every day one can pick up a newspaper (very often Jewish-owned) and find articles by often Jewish neoconservatives belittling Islam, saying it is fundamentally wicked, hardly a week passes when some Jewish writers reflects on how fundamentally evil the old WASP establishment was ('and Uncle Irv, who couldn't get into Yale, blah blah') yet criticism of Israel - a political state is 'antisemitic' - which we now know is merely a reflection a bizarre sense of entitlement. ]

Stray impressions. But they are all important evidence that we are no longer outsiders. The fact that Indiana University now obviously feels like home to many Jews... The fact that Rosenfeld's parochial position is echoed by the State Department... The fact that so many of the superdelegates are Jewish, as the Forward reports--

“Politics in America has become a Jewish profession, just like arts and the law... We now are overrepresented in all these areas.”
[no serious self-reflection here - could it be that this is the case because Jews are ethnocentric and WASPs have intentionally not been in order to be 'fair'? does the 'over representation' of Jews coincide with a change in those fields? Are the arts better? Art certainly isn't. Architecture is worse - Gehry comes to mind. Where do Jews cluster in these fields -towards low ethics - can we find them 'over represented' as class action suit attorneys ? - none of these things are considered- in fact its 'anti semitic' to even suggest the possibility- just the usual self congratulatory cheer leading - except from Weiss:]

...... My people have not come to terms with this new identity, or responsibility. [indeed my main problem is not the Jewishness of the elite though I would prefer- and trust- my own kind - at least I could confront them head on rather than have to play 'prove I am not an anti-semite - see state department above...how would most Jews, even in America feel if the elite in ISrael were 50% anglosaxon? would they question whether they can serve Jewish interest - of course they would! But again my problem with the new Jewish elite is failed stewardship- their track record is appalling self-serving - they are simply too selfish and myopic to have any sense of nobless olige. What is left of the WASP elite is either too effamized or decadent to bring any serious reform. Then the problem of reform arises - the natural defense of 'antisemitism' or celebrated victim status means that honest discussion is all but absent - one only look at the 'non discussion' going on about our middle east policy to realize that....what to do - or what will come - at this point is anyone's guess..it's quite clear, however that we can't go on like this....we can't go on like this but nevertheless, we are.]


From the American Conservative Blog::
Leading neocon pundit Charles Krauthammer’s op-ed piece in today’s Washington Post entitled “The Holocaust Declaration” is astonishing even by The Hammer’s admittedly low standards. He calls on the next president to declare that any nuclear attack on Israel by Iran will be treated as if it were an attack on the United States. The warning to Tehran would be accompanied by an explanation: “As a beacon of tolerance and as leader of the free world, the United States will not permit a second Holocaust to be perpetrated on the Jewish people.” This would be “the Holocaust Declaration.” Krauthammer has long been tone deaf on anything relating to Israel, but the hubris evident in this latest piece is mind-boggling. Many Americans would dispute that Washington represents a beacon for anything these days and its leadership of the free world is certainly questionable as the operative word is “leadership.” Krauthammer is clearly not willing to debate whether the United States might conceivably have a national interest that is different than that of Israel and does not even attempt to make a case that defending Israel is in any way good for America. His willingness to sacrifice American lives, treasure, and liberties for a foreign country might, in another place and time, have been regarded as bordering on treason.

One correction. I don't think we can really consider pro-Israel zionists 'traitors' anymore. They clearly are loyal to their nation and people. Fair enough, they just don't belong here, and certainly don't belong within a country mile of our military and government. Could we imagine a similar situation in Israel -say Anglo Saxon Christians loudly calling for Israel to support England and everything the BNP did?

We live in absurd times.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Die-Virsity and the Future of America

The photo to the left is a scene from the protests that have been curiously described as 'marring' the Torch Relay...could we imagine if the ever present 'another Hitla , another 1933" scenario were to emerge or even, Iran hosting the games that our Pro-Israel press would be so even handed in its coverage?

In any event they are rather blunt about who is supporting the Chinese...Chinese:

On Wednesday, pro-Tibet protesters and Chinese-American citizens who want to see China have its full Olympic moment faced one another.

As the photo illustrates, its mostly whites supporting the Tibetans...or a specific sub-set of whites: "stupid white liberals".

Stupid might be the wrong word..naive, but when does naivety cross the line into stupidity? When you know for example that a mulatto candidate attended a vehemently anti-white church for over twenty years and you're still willing to vote for him? Or when you ignore the fact that you're the only race 'celebrating diversity' by willingly letting yourselves become minorities in your own country and willingly divesting yourselves from power. As the photo and actions of Chinese 'Americans' illustrate other peoples aren't so foolish.

If the Chinese ("americans") are this aggressive now - how much more so will they be if they are 5%, 10, or even 20% of the population? Considering their high population and persumed fertility rates, and our current rate of immigration its not unimaginable. Of course whites will cringe at the thought of putting a stop to it, lest they be accused of creating a 'yellow scare'. Chinese in their own country and here know whites can be guilt tripped and manipulated this way even when the Chinese themselves are overtly ethnocentric. Whites really are that foolish.

Of course there are stupid white conservatives who believe that 'freedom and democracy' will flower in countries where the soil has proven incapable of yielding for the past 2000 springs..

Friday, April 4, 2008

Burke vs. Reason (the magazine)

Reason recently named its '35 heroes of Freedom' (madonna made the list, believe it or not)but ironically the 'freedom' reason advocates- or much of it at least, has meant less real freeom and less certainly less reason (small r)

Burke vs. Reason

by Kevin Michael Grace | Jan 18, 2004

Reason believes that the world has become "groovier" since 1968, the year of that magazine's founding. Not merely "groovier," mind you, but "groovier and groovier." In celebration, it has nominated "35 heroes of freedom," freedom apparently being synonymous with grooviness. This list, and the reasons given for the selection of the "heroes" therein is sufficient to persuade me that modern libertarianism, at least as exemplified by Reason magazine, is not a philosophy suitable for adults.

Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites...in proportion as they are more disposed to listen to the counsels of the wise and good, in preference to the flattery of knaves. Society cannot exist, unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.

Other news, probably one of the most under-rated and under-read magazines in the US - the American Conservative - finally has a blog (where I found this) ... the magazine often has 'thinkers' from the left side of political spectrum - but ones that don't simple parrot the mainstream media/establishment dogma...anyway here's the link and this week's nugget:
“NATO is no longer a static alliance focused on defending Europe from a Soviet tank invasion. It is now an expeditionary alliance that is sending its forces across the world to help secure a future of freedom and peace for millions.”
–President Bush, April 2, 2008

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read that...'nuff said.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not Front Page News

Disabled Men, Woman Beaten Over Not Paying 'Fee' For Being White
every liberal knows about the "jenna 6" but not that they were actually guilty thugs.
why don't any liberals know about this?
why isn't it plastered across the front page of every major paper?
why aren't liberals forwarding to one another with self righteous outage?

Oh I know, I am 'racist' (as is the local tv station) for showing photographs of the men, thus implying..gulp young black males might have higher crime rates than other races (which is a social construct and we are all equal and behave equally)

Wall Street Journal:: Knock Down Surplus Homes

WSJ's Jenkins: Knock down surplus new homes

The Wall Street Journal's Holman Jenkins argues that:

"Knocking down surplus homes would be the most efficient and equitable way to spend taxpayer dollars. It can proceed experimentally. It can be turned off quickly when the need evaporates. It would not be a lesson to Americans that housing debt is not real debt and need not be repaid. It wouldn't benefit the most irresponsible lenders and borrowers at the expense of responsible ones. The housing market would still have to hit bottom, but the bottom would be higher (and sooner).

"Have no illusions about the alternative being fashioned in Congress. Behind the fig leaves that will be frantically waving, a lending bailout would be effective in stemming foreclosures and propping up home prices only if taxpayer money were used to put speculators' housing bets back "in the money.""

He may be right. But, after the government pays to knock down all those surplus homes built with illegal immigrant labor, shouldn't the Wall Street Journal be ordered to publicly burn all its old editorials about how crucial illegal immigrant labor was to the economy?

as one commenter said:
OK, so the idea is to knock down those surplus houses using illegal labour. Like they say here in Germany "rein in die Kartoffel, raus aus den Kartoffeln" (into the potato fields, out of the potato fields).

Kind of sounds like the higher math logic of the financial elites, of which the WSJ are just the cheerleaders. Didn't the financial elite get it right with the sub-prime schemes, the hedge funds and the banking system? Oh, I digress .

Yes they do seem to 'relish' extremely wasteful and foolish ideas such as this. But it also indicates just HOW BAD the housing bubble is.

Gen. Petraeus and a High-Level Suicide in Iraq

Gen. Petraeus and a High-Level Suicide in Iraq
The scourge of suicides among American troops in Iraq is a serious and seriously underreported problem. One of the few high-profile cases involves a much-admired Army colonel named Ted Westhusing -- who, in his 2005 suicide note, pointed a finger at a then little-known U.S. general named David Petraeus. Westhusing's widow, asked by a friend what killed this West Point scholar, had replied simply: "Iraq."

Now there is a disturbing update on this case.

The misuse of our martial spirit and patriotism angers me more and more each day...war takes the best men and the worst men profit.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meet America's Latest Victim Group:

Hassic Jews:

AEY's Awful Afghan Ammo: Is it an affirmative action scandal?

This is one of those blog posts where I start writing about one thing and in the middle of it, I discover something I never expected, so the whole thing lurches off in a different direction. I apologize for the lack of pre-planned structure.

In the wake of the NYT's story on 22-year-old high school-dropout Efraim E. Diveroli, who snagged $202,000,000 in U.S. government ammunition contracts in Fiscal Year 2007 to supply bullets to the embattled Afghan government, many people are wondering how the federal government could have handed out such a big contract to some loser who has been arrested twice in his young life: for drunk driving and for beating up a parking valet.

You would think that somebody in our huge federal government might want to do some background checks on the Internet. For example, the only job Diveroli has ever held besides working for his dad Michael Diveroli was working for his uncle Bar-Kochba Botach's weaponry shop, Botach Tactical, in South Central LA. So, what kind of lessons did young Efraim learn working for Botach?

As usual the NYT avoids this angle of the story and Steve Sailer cracks it wide open. Anyone who has ever dealt with these people knows that the last thing they need is affirmative action and what is really needed is extra scrutiny whenever dealing with them....

But it seems to me that no one wants to deal with the real story. Some people complained about Sailer pointing out the ethnicity - there are plenty of non Jewish corrupt contractors - but as I commented ::

The fact that the iraq war and the sept 11 attacks are both a result of our Israel-centric foreign policy and the fact that the other high profile case of low life military contractors - david brook -the guy who sold crappy faulty body armor and had a ten million dollar bar mitzvah for his daughter (bat mitvzah? I forget) is Jewish does make it relevant to point out this family's ethnicity.

Ask yourself this Jewish readers- how do you think a poor blue collar family feels when their son comes home in a body bag and they learn that this war is largely the result of mostly Jewish neocons beating the war drum... - and in turn a Jewish contractor turned around and gave them faulty body armor and bullets- fair or not, I think you're going to see a lot more 'anti semites' soon - largely because no one else WILL talk about it.

The fact that people like Brooks and this guy would behave like this in light of this is especially troubling.

I would also add, I would never defend a WASP contractor who did this, in fact I think there is no lower form of criminal activity then to provide faulty equipment to men in harm's way, yet as we speak I can safely guess that a. the kid in question has fled to Israel. b. a number of groups like the ADL are trying to downplay, cover up or divert attention from this scandal.

no similar activity would take place if he were, for example, Anglo Saxon - me and others would be calling for him to be tried, and if found guilty, put before a firing squad with working ammunition...perhaps we could give him some of David Brook's faulty body amour to defend himself.

I guess the question is, does his being Jewish have anything to do with it? I would say yes and no within the Jewish 'community' there are sub groups with what Sailer calls an "in group morality" that - cheating or screwing over people outside their group is morally acceptable (gypsies are like this too) the Hasidim are certainly like this - within say Anglo Saxon culture we have our share of cheats and crooks, but I know of no in group morality that might lead to cheating others..

I guess some leftist would hop on here and talk about white privilege and past imperialism but my answer would be...ok but we can discuss that without being accused of some ism, can't we?

It also illustrates the utter failure of globalism and multiculturalism in a number of ways:
a. in order to manage different squabbling ethnicities, the government must have special programs.
b. once given 'victim' status the group is shielded from scrutiny, opening the door for massive corruption
c. there is no sense of community - nor can there be -its their group vs. 'other' in addition, since the globalist has no loyalty to locality, he is indifferent to screwing them over-he is as indifferent to hill billy boys coming home in body bags because of him cheating the government as Americans are to slaughter in Africa .
d. Because of ethinic blocks, fear of 'discrimination' no set cultural mores.., People who break the law have a competitive advantage over those who obey it. Once that happens a society is fundamentally broken.

No Financing Needed For Ratner's Plan

No Financing Plan Needed Prior to AY Eminent Domain

Brownstoner's Sarah Ryley, digging into the State's funding agreement with Forest City Ratner, finds that the State only requires a financing plan from Ratner for the arena before they seize about 14 acres by eminent domain and hand the property to Ratner; NO financing plan is required for any other part of the project prior to condemnation, including all the "affordable housing." In case it needed reemphasizing: the State and Ratner appear to be fixated on the arena at the expense of everything else.

Let me get this straight, a developer, at least a well connected one, can come along say "i kinda wanna build this and wink wink, I will really, really try to build affordable housing...but I don't know if I have the money for it...can you condemn 22 acres of private property for me and force owners to turn it over?"

The State's answer.."sure, Bruce!"