Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Catching Up On The Fatner Ball.

Of all the analysis of the hubris exhibited by the Brooklyn museum, this post, linked by nolandgrab, captures the essence of what it symbolized:

It Came from the Blogosphere...


Museum Hours, Museum Hours

Also wrong were the Museum's decision at the show's gala party to honor bulldozer developer Bruce Ratner and to invite Louis Vuitton to create a faux knockoff handbag bazaar. In Marie Antoinette style, VIP guests were invited to pretend they were a poor plebian purchasing an imitation purse while paying 100 times the cost. And, get this, a portion of sales was donated to maybe the least-deserving charity ever -- the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation.

It's getting time to grab the pitchforks. I am no fan of the French Revolution and all it symbolized, but excesses displayed here are symbolic of the real crimes and abuse of trust exhibited by our increasingly hated, and hateful "elite".

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