Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Frank Gehry Gets Angry

No Land Grab On FrankGehry:

“Cities are filled with bad buildings and nobody complains,” he said. “But if I do a building, there’s all sorts of protests.”

Umm People do complain about bad buildings.... your buildings, Frank. You know the ones that leak, reflect sun so the temperature across the street turns to 140 degrees, the ones where streets have to be closed off because your (bad) buildings are so poorly designed that snow slides off them and can endanger pedestrians in the street, the conference rooms that give people vertigo (I guess that makes conferences difficult Frank, but I am not an architect) the list goes on. In other words, your buildings suck. Give it up. Retire, sell out..oops you already have - just license your name on handbags and jewelery and such - they can be easily discarded when people realize what crap they are.

Oh BTW, Frank, We're angry too. Let's make a deal - you don't build your shit buildings in my neighborhood and I won't point out the obvious -you're a lousy fraud.

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Anonymous said...

I am an architecture student and I totally agree with you. He needs to stop.