Thursday, April 10, 2008

Die-Virsity and the Future of America

The photo to the left is a scene from the protests that have been curiously described as 'marring' the Torch Relay...could we imagine if the ever present 'another Hitla , another 1933" scenario were to emerge or even, Iran hosting the games that our Pro-Israel press would be so even handed in its coverage?

In any event they are rather blunt about who is supporting the Chinese...Chinese:

On Wednesday, pro-Tibet protesters and Chinese-American citizens who want to see China have its full Olympic moment faced one another.

As the photo illustrates, its mostly whites supporting the Tibetans...or a specific sub-set of whites: "stupid white liberals".

Stupid might be the wrong word..naive, but when does naivety cross the line into stupidity? When you know for example that a mulatto candidate attended a vehemently anti-white church for over twenty years and you're still willing to vote for him? Or when you ignore the fact that you're the only race 'celebrating diversity' by willingly letting yourselves become minorities in your own country and willingly divesting yourselves from power. As the photo and actions of Chinese 'Americans' illustrate other peoples aren't so foolish.

If the Chinese ("americans") are this aggressive now - how much more so will they be if they are 5%, 10, or even 20% of the population? Considering their high population and persumed fertility rates, and our current rate of immigration its not unimaginable. Of course whites will cringe at the thought of putting a stop to it, lest they be accused of creating a 'yellow scare'. Chinese in their own country and here know whites can be guilt tripped and manipulated this way even when the Chinese themselves are overtly ethnocentric. Whites really are that foolish.

Of course there are stupid white conservatives who believe that 'freedom and democracy' will flower in countries where the soil has proven incapable of yielding for the past 2000 springs..

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