Friday, April 11, 2008

Phillip Weiss Goes To Indiana...

For a guy who wants to forget his "Jewishnesh" he sure does a lot talking about it:
I just got back from Bloomington, Indiana. My first visit there. The place has always resonated in my mind because my parents' best friends made aliyah, moving to Israel in 1968, after living in Bloomington. It wasn't just the '67 war that called them to Israel. Indiana was largely bereft of Jewishness, and it freaked them out. The father in that family was a brilliant scientist. He had trouble getting together a religious minyan in IN, and he worried that his kids would marry non-Jews if they grew up there. They were treated wonderfully in Indiana; but that wasn't enough, they wanted a Jewish life. Israel.
[my note: this is why I have always thought Jewish liberalism was for the most part a massive fraud- mutlticulti-love was for gentiles to practice- the WASP family has to 'guess who's coming to dinner'- I would have no problem with the former if the latter weren't so aggressively promoted by those who believe in the former.]

....... Indiana University is also home to Alvin Rosenfeld, who wrote the horrifying AJC report on anti-Zionism being a form of anti-semitism. Rosenfeld's position is now reflected by the U.S. State Department, in its definition of antisemitism.
[As Forward below says Jews are 'over represented' in politics - but clearly we are not getting better, rational saner political policies, as the above clearly illustrates. Every day one can pick up a newspaper (very often Jewish-owned) and find articles by often Jewish neoconservatives belittling Islam, saying it is fundamentally wicked, hardly a week passes when some Jewish writers reflects on how fundamentally evil the old WASP establishment was ('and Uncle Irv, who couldn't get into Yale, blah blah') yet criticism of Israel - a political state is 'antisemitic' - which we now know is merely a reflection a bizarre sense of entitlement. ]

Stray impressions. But they are all important evidence that we are no longer outsiders. The fact that Indiana University now obviously feels like home to many Jews... The fact that Rosenfeld's parochial position is echoed by the State Department... The fact that so many of the superdelegates are Jewish, as the Forward reports--

“Politics in America has become a Jewish profession, just like arts and the law... We now are overrepresented in all these areas.”
[no serious self-reflection here - could it be that this is the case because Jews are ethnocentric and WASPs have intentionally not been in order to be 'fair'? does the 'over representation' of Jews coincide with a change in those fields? Are the arts better? Art certainly isn't. Architecture is worse - Gehry comes to mind. Where do Jews cluster in these fields -towards low ethics - can we find them 'over represented' as class action suit attorneys ? - none of these things are considered- in fact its 'anti semitic' to even suggest the possibility- just the usual self congratulatory cheer leading - except from Weiss:]

...... My people have not come to terms with this new identity, or responsibility. [indeed my main problem is not the Jewishness of the elite though I would prefer- and trust- my own kind - at least I could confront them head on rather than have to play 'prove I am not an anti-semite - see state department would most Jews, even in America feel if the elite in ISrael were 50% anglosaxon? would they question whether they can serve Jewish interest - of course they would! But again my problem with the new Jewish elite is failed stewardship- their track record is appalling self-serving - they are simply too selfish and myopic to have any sense of nobless olige. What is left of the WASP elite is either too effamized or decadent to bring any serious reform. Then the problem of reform arises - the natural defense of 'antisemitism' or celebrated victim status means that honest discussion is all but absent - one only look at the 'non discussion' going on about our middle east policy to realize that....what to do - or what will come - at this point is anyone's's quite clear, however that we can't go on like this....we can't go on like this but nevertheless, we are.]

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