Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome to the New "Improved" UK.

Police guard Kent school in immigrant feud

By David Sapsted
Last Updated: 2:38am BST 26/09/2007

Police have begun manning the gates of a Kent junior school to prevent clashes between local parents and recent immigrants from eastern Europe.

Globalist keep telling us, after a few eggs are broken to make their omelets, that some new open borders paradise will come into being. I have yet to see any evidence. Of course, they didn't mention we're the eggs ,and it's their omelet.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eliot Spizter, Traitor

Illegal Immigrants Will Be Allowed to Obtain Driver’s Licenses
New York Times, United States - 22 hours ago
Fulfilling a campaign promise, Gov. Eliot Spitzer announced today that residents will be able to apply for state driver’s licenses without regard to immigration status. Applicants for driver’s licenses will no longer be required to provide a Social Security number or show that they are eligible for one. Instead, they will be allowed to provide foreign passports, previous state driver’s licenses and “other valid and verifiable documents” to prove their identity.

How in the name of common sense would anyone do this post 9-11? Because they want more of it - more chaos, more instability. New York State, along with California, will be the first to go down. It will now become a magnate for illegal aliens. Funny a legal ciztizen can't buy a gun in New York City and and needs more ID proof than an alien to get a license. Eliot Spitzer is a traitor, plain and simple.

How about fufilling a promise to be honest and get rid of corruption? Jerk.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Some Idiot....

on the yet to be seen design for Beekman Tower - another Ratner-Ghery 'masterpiece' (tax payer subsidized, thank you)quote::

"“It’s drop-dead gorgeous,” says our source, who has seen the model and is sympathetic to community concerns about the building’s height. The wavy tower “looks like the ocean’s above you.”"

I don't know about you, but I prefer for buildings to look like, well buildings, not 'the ocean's above you' - the appearance of which is usually called a tidal wave...
Nor am I willing to take the word- site unseen, - that the building is 'drop dead gorgeous' because I have yet to see anything by Ghery that would remotely be called beautiful, and I am highly skeptical of the taste of anyone who would describe a building as 'drop dead gorgeous'

NLG informs us that Ratner may be having financing problems:

NoLandGrab: Clearly, Gehry and Ratner's caginess is beginning to raise suspicion, since real estate spectators have been eagerly awaiting the final renderings for some time (see, here, here, and here).

We've been keeping tabs on this project, the first Gehry-designed Forest City Ratner collaboration. Though the Beekman St. tower might appear to have little in common with the controversial Atlantic Yards megaproject, two things are worth tracking:


the cost of the public school, which is already slated to be the most expensive school per-square-foot in NYC history, and which is to be borne by the taxpayers, and

the overall price tag, which certainly includes a premium for the global starchitect's services, and is now undoubtedly rising because of the growing costs of financing and building materials, and increasing competition for "as-of-right" subsidies.

[Back in April, Matthew Schuerman reported in The NY Observer some details of the financing structure of the Beekman Street project, including a few stumbling blocks.]

Of course, taxpayers will assume the risk for Atlantic Yards (and Ratner, nearly all of the profit) so why should he care about the subprime meltdown, collapsing real estate market and skyrocketing construction costs - we'll pay for it, he won't? What's not to like?

Yeah, I Trust Him

Giuliani at the NRA

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told members of the National Rifle Association earlier today that the lawsuit he filed against gun manufacturers in 2000 “is not necessarily what is needed now.’’

The Republican presidential hopeful told NRA members to “not feel singled out.’’

“I was excessive in every way that I could think of in order to reduce crime,’’ Giuliani said. “I enforced the guns laws that existed strongly.”

Giuliani added, “That is not necessarily what is needed now. It certainly isn’t the interpretation that I think is the correct interpretation of the Second Amendment. So I would say that I didn’t anticipate the lawsuit would go in some of the directions it is going.’

"not what is needed now" .....for him to be taken seriously by any real conservative. Neocon money and power is trying to push through one of their bought for and paid for candidates- open borders, gun grabbing globalists - but rank and file , having been betrayed by the Republican elite - are having none of it.

They keep harping 'Ron Paul can't win' as if to ensure their predictions come true they keep him out of debates and polls. If Paul doesn't it will only prove that our system is broke beyond repair and the democratic process is a sham and has been for a long time.

More Ron Paul Secrets Revealed

Great Article by Jennifer Haman:
More Ron Paul Secrets Revealed:
Ron Paul – I like his ideas but they are not practical.

I hear this all the time. Many people like Ron Paul's views, but for some reason, they have decided that liberty is not "practical" and freedom is a "luxury" we cannot afford anymore. .....

Ron Paul is the only candidate running who offers true hope for the people. Perhaps Americans are so jaded that they don't think it is possible to live without tyranny. Perhaps people feel that after decades of being robbed, tricked, lied to, and manipulated that they need to let go of hope and be willing accept that their lot in life will not improve with the next four years so the best they do is vote for the lesser of two evils. This election, for the first time, you don’t have to vote for evil. You have a real choice for once in many decades. Take advantage of it. Dare to dream.

Ron Paul offers the people of this country real hope. He offers protection from (rather than catering to) the corporate big wigs. Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to make your life better. For example:

Ron Paul offers truth. Did you know that it is illegal for a dietary supplement company to make a true statement about its products because the big pharmaceuticals want all your business and cannot stand the thought of you taking a cheap herbal remedy? Ron Paul introduced the Health Freedom Protection Act so that the FDA cannot stand in your way of hearing truthful claims about the benefits of foods and dietary supplements. Ron Paul offers hope to your family over the profits of huge companies. Yes, you can have someone on your side.

Ron Paul offers freedom to churches to exercise their freedom of speech in the political arena. Did you know that the IRS has sent notices to more than 15,000 non-profit organizations – including churches – regarding its new crackdown on political activity? Ron Paul writes: "We cannot allow churches to be silenced any more than we can allow political dissent in general to be silenced." "The Constitution's guarantee of religious freedom must not depend on the whims of IRS bureaucrats." You don't have to go it alone; you can have a candidate who fights for you.

Ron Paul also fights for a parent's right to raise their child the way they see fit and to make their own decisions about whether to medicate away their child’s behavior. The government wants to take that choice away from you. The government is calling for the mandatory mental health screening of American schoolchildren, meaning millions of kids will be forced to undergo psychiatric screening whether their parents consent or not. Ron Paul introduced an amendment to eliminate any funding for the proposal. He also introduced a bill that forbids federal funds from being used for any mental-health screening of students without the express, written, voluntary, informed consent of their parents. The bill is known as "The Parental Consent Act of 2005," or HR 181. Ron Paul will fight the government as it tries to take over the most basic of rights: the right to raise your child.

Grow up, America -- before it's too late

Diane west writes:
Q: What do Belgian Muslims calling for a ban on Easter eggs have to do with American parents hiring "parenting coaches" to put junior to bed? And what do imperiled Easter eggs and the advent of parent coaching have to do with U.S. foreign policy? Furthermore, what does all of this have to do with the triumphant shriek of Western womanhood on wriggling into jeans fit for a 7-year-old?

Did I read that correctly? Parenting "coaches"? ..... banning easter eggs in Christian countries because muslims find them offensive? Are we in a bad dream?

No, we're in the reality of post-1960s baby boomer induced 'anything goes' relativism and general immaturity:

"The most intriguing question about American culture today--even more intriguing than, "When and why did men start to hug each other?"--is the question Diana West tackles in this penetrating and witty book: "When and why did Americans decide to stop growing up?" Actually, I have a depressing feeling that the two questions are related. "
- George F. Will"

I haven't agreed with George Will since he spoke at my graduation, but this time around he's making some sense. The book is part of a growing consensus on the right that that the baby boom generation's mores have dumb down America (and Europe) and set us on a path of immaturity.

A classic article about this was published in the Weekly Standard:
The Perpetual Adolescent
From the March 15, 2004 issue: And the triumph of the youth culture.
by Joseph Epstein
03/15/2004, Volume 009, Issue 26

WHENEVER ANYONE under the age of 50 sees old newsreel film of Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak of 1941, he is almost certain to be brought up by the fact that nearly everyone in the male-dominated crowds--in New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland--seems to be wearing a suit and a fedora or other serious adult hat. The people in those earlier baseball crowds, though watching a boyish game, nonetheless had a radically different conception of themselves than most Americans do now. A major depression was ending, a world war was on. Even though they were watching an entertainment that took most of them back to their boyhoods, they thought of themselves as adults, no longer kids, but grown-ups, adults, men.

How different from today, when a good part of the crowd at any ballgame, no matter what the age, is wearing jeans and team caps and T-shirts; and let us not neglect those (one hopes) benign maniacs who paint their faces in home-team colors or spell out, on their bare chests, the letters of the names of star players: S-O-S-A.

Part of the explanation for the suits at the ballpark in DiMaggio's day is that in the 1940s and even '50s there weren't a lot of sport, or leisure, or casual clothes around. Unless one lived at what H.L. Mencken called "the country-club stage of culture"--unless, that is, one golfed, played tennis, or sailed--one was likely to own only the clothes one worked in or better. Far from casual Fridays, in those years there weren't even casual Sundays. Wearing one's "Sunday best," a cliché of the time, meant wearing the good clothes one reserved for church.

Dressing down may first have set in on the West Coast, where a certain informality was thought to be a new way of life. In the 1960s, in universities casual dress became absolutely de rigueur among younger faculty, who, in their ardor to destroy any evidence of their being implicated in evil hierarchy, wished not merely to seem in no wise different from their students but, more important, to seem always young; and the quickest path to youthfulness was teaching in jeans, T-shirts, and the rest of it.

This informality has now been institutionalized. Few are the restaurants that could any longer hope to stay in business if they required men to wear a jacket and tie. Today one sees men wearing baseball caps--some worn backwards--while eating indoors in quite good restaurants. In an episode of "The Sopranos," Tony Soprano, the mafia don, representing life of a different day, finds this so outrages his sense of decorum that, in a restaurant he frequents, he asks a man, in a quiet but entirely menacing way, to remove his goddamn hat.

Life in that different day was felt to observe the human equivalent of the Aristotelian unities: to have, like a good drama, a beginning, middle, and end. Each part, it was understood, had its own advantages and detractions, but the middle--adulthood--was the lengthiest and most earnest part, where everything serious happened and much was at stake. To violate the boundaries of any of the three divisions of life was to go against what was natural and thereby to appear unseemly, to put one's world somehow out of joint, to be, let us face it, a touch, and perhaps more than a touch, grotesque.

Jena Nonsense.

Steve Sailer writes:


As we saw with the Duke lacrosse case, there's a powerful hunger in modern America for tales of white violence against innocent blacks. So, on Thursday, the national media descended on the small Louisiana town of Jena as the Revs. Jesse and Al protested a racially charged case in which six young men stomped a high school student into unconsciousness.

Of course, things being the way they are these days, the protesters in Jena were on the side of the stompers, not the stompee.

A local minister, Eddie Thompson (who was one of the earliest critics of white racism in Jena), has posted on the Internet a list of everything the national media has gotten wrong about the Jena story. I've taken the liberty of rearranging it and shortening it, so go here to see the original:

- Jena does have racial problems. Jena does have bigotry and prejudice, just like every other town in America, perhaps even worse than some. If there were no racial problems, there would have been no nooses hung from a tree. There would not be one white student beaten and six black students charged with attempted second-degree murder. The local ministers would not have hurriedly called a meeting to deal with the issue. The cameras of the world would not have focused their lenses on Jena.

- The actions of the three white students who hung the nooses (on a tree at the high school) demonstrate prejudice and bigotry. However, they were not just given "two days suspension" as reported by national news agencies. After first being expelled, then upon appeal, being allowed to re-enter the school system, they were sent to an alternative school, off-campus, for an extended period of time. They underwent investigations by Federal and Sate authorities. They were given psychological evaluations. Even when they were eventually allowed back on campus they were not allowed to be a part of the general population for weeks.

- There was no "fight" on December 4, 2006 at Jena High School, as the national media continues to characterize the event in question. Six students attacked a single student who was immediately knocked unconscious. According to sworn testimony, they stomped him, as he lay "lifeless" upon the ground.

- Justin Barker, the white student attacked, was not the first white student targeted by these black students. Others had been informed they were going to be beaten, but stayed away from school and out of sight until they felt safe.

- CNN reported that there were "obviously no witnesses to the fight." In fact, over thirty eyewitnesses, students and teachers, were questioned immediately following the attack, all of who implicated one or more of the black students arrested in the case. In fact, some of the accused black students did not stop stomping Barker until they were pulled away from him by some of the teachers, according to testimony given in the trial of Mychal Bell.

- The media continues to make the point that Justin Barker "attended a party" later that evening, insinuating that his injuries were not very severe. The Barkers, by no means a wealthy family, face medical bills already over $12,000 from the emergency room visit. Imagine what an overnight visit would have cost. Justin Barker was advised to remain hospitalized but decided he would not let the event keep him from participating in the once-in-a-lifetime, traditional Ring Ceremony at First Baptist Church in Jena, where class rings are presented to the upcoming senior class.

- The fight on December 4 was unrelated to the noose incident, or any other incident that occurred earlier in Jena that week. The media keeps reporting otherwise. There are three different boys named "Justin" involved in three different events that the media have morphed into the "Justin" who was attacked on December 4:

A. A juvenile named Justin, whose name was not released to the media, was one of the boys who hung nooses from the trees in September.

B. Three months later, Justin Sloan, not a student at Jena High, fought with one of the black students, Robert Baily, at the fair barn when a couple of black students tried to enter a private party. The next evening, at "Gotta Go" store, Justin Sloan and Robert Baily confronted one another in the parking lot. There were two other black students with Baily. As they ran towards Sloan, Sloan rushed to his truck to get a shotgun, which the black boys wrestled from him and fled.

C. On December 4, six black students at Jena High School attacked Justin Barker, who is neither of the previously mentioned young men.

- The speech given by [District Attorney] Reed Walters that included the now infamous statement "I can end your life with the stroke of a pen" was not given to a group of black students. It was given during a speech to the entire student body in an assembly called by the school's principal to calm a community that was pulling their children out of school because there were two fights one day with racial overtones. Two girls, one white and one black fought. Another student was taken to the emergency room to receive stitches.

- The national news media has not mentioned a single time that there was an FBI investigation into the hanging of the nooses and the conduct of Reed Walters that concluded there was no criminal activity or "hate crime" involved. The report is available to the media, along with court records and sworn testimony, none of which has been reported.

- It has been reported that the school has two standards of justice since white students who attacked a black student were not treated as the black students who attacked a white student. No group of white students attacked a black student at Jena High School. Fights that have occurred have always been handled equally. This was not a fight. This process was taken out of the hands of school officials when the ambulance was called to bring Justin Barker to the hospital for the attack. Both the appearance of the ambulance and Barker's visit to the emergency room requires an investigation by law enforcement.

- The "Jena Six" have repeatedly been held up as heroes by much of the race-based community and called "innocent students" by the national media. Some of these students have reputations in Jena for intimidating and sometimes beating other students. They have vandalized and destroyed both school property and community property. Some of the Jena Six have been involved in crimes not only in LaSalle Parish but also in surrounding parishes. For the most part, coaches and other adults have prevented them from being held accountable for the reign of terror they have presided over in Jena. Despite intervention by adults wanting to give them chances due their athletic potential, most of the Jena Six have extensive juvenile records. Yet their parents keep insisting that their children have never been in trouble before. These boys did not receive prejudicial treatment but received preferential treatment until things got out of hand.

- The entire black community of Jena is not being heard in this controversy, just the parents, relatives, and close friends of the Jena Six. The black community of Jena has not been involved in the protests and demonstrations called by national race-based organizations. Some state and national race crusaders have chastised them for not "rising up" with the parents to force law enforcement to "free the Jena Six." Many do agree that the charges seem wrong, but they also know the criminal history of the boys referred to as the "Jena Six." It is their neighborhood these boys have terrorized. Not even all of the parents claim that these boys should be set free with no consequence for their actions. One of the parents was interviewed, saying that the boys should suffer the fair punishment for their actions. He suggested that simple battery would be an acceptable charge. With one exception, the local black pastors do not support the demonstrations. They have been openly criticized for their lack of cooperation with the national race crusaders. One of them counseled the "Jena Six" families to not stir controversy for controversy's sake. The black pastor was openly condemned by a local radio personality sympathetic to the cause of the black parents. The rhetoric grew so intense that the black pastor was referred to as Reed Walter's "house Negro" on the local radio talk show. The pastor is consistently accused on this show of working in cooperation with Reed Walters in a plot to undermine the "Jena Six."


To Reed Walters: Charge these young men with the crimes of which they are guilty.

To The Parents: Hold your children accountable for their actions.

To The White Community: Stop claiming, "There is no racism here" or "We have no problems here." Live by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If twelve percent of our community is feeling estranged, we should listen to their grievances.

To The Black Community: If you believe these six black students are innocent, we can "free the Jena Six" today by having the black students, who thirty witnesses testify attacked Justin Barker, step forward and take responsibility for their actions.

To The National Media: Please, get it right. Report the facts. Let them take you to the truth. Stop making Jena, Louisiana, a national scapegoat for America's sin of racism.

To America: Judge not unless you be judged. You will be judged by the same measure you judge this little town. Until you know the facts, reserve judgment. Do no believe everything you see on TV

White liberals of the ilk who supported the "jena 6" - hoping to relive some glory of the 'civil rights marches' that never was - never cease to amaze me in their self hatred, self indulgence and general stupidity- not that neoconservativism is any improvement - both are short on facts try to make reality fit abstract, impractical and often destructive notions.

It shouldn't be a surprise that Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton, both professional race hustlers, have reached yet a new low, nor that the media supports them - since it is often the same media bosses who fund them.

But the question is, why are Americans still falling for it?

Just how prejudiced, race-centric and outright hypocritical are these 'protesters'? Let us examine;
Many said they are angry the six black students, dubbed the "Jena 6," are being treated more harshly than the white students who hung the nooses. The white students were suspended from school but did not face criminal charges. The protesters argue they should have been charged with a hate crime.

On the other hand, they claim the charges of the six blacks who beat 1 white kid unconscious should have their charges reduced. Get that? Something which is not in any way violent -putting a noose on a tree - should be treated more severely then blacks beating up whites (and of course, we know if whites beat a black they would be asking for more severe charges).

How much clearer does it have to be. And if race relations are this bad between blacks and whites who have been here for over 200 years - why in God's name are we letting mass numbers of more minorities which will only result in more racial tension and divisions, which will only result in more authoritarian government...oh, maybe that's the intent.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Modern Day Slavery

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the John Pickle Company reaped profits for years making pressure tanks used by oil refineries and power plants. Feeling squeezed by foreign competition and government regulations, JPC partnered with an Indian and Kuwaiti firm to import workers from India. Under the guise of a “training program,” fifty-three workers, including college-educated Uday Ludbe, came to the United States, only to have their documents confiscated and to find themselves confined to a factory building. Pickle laid off Americans and paid the Indians three dollars an hour.

Bush has only encouraged this sort of behavior, and under the guise of 'diversity' it is accelerating

Box Boom

The Summer Edition of Linea (not available online) has an article on the faceless big boxes being crammed onto New York City streets. The author, Gregg Kreutz , observes how the 'style' of 'starchitects' is driven by developers, not aesthetics and how the wish to get rid of bland ugly boxes has resulted in something far worse:

"So you wish modern buildings weren't so stark and hard edged", an evil genie might say. "Okay, well how do you like this twisted, contorted, explosion-in-a-tile-factory eyesore"

he goes on:

"as far as I can tell, its found a way to look even worse. I'm thinking of the new Gehry building in Chelsea and the soon to be build Gehry building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.[I think he meant Atlantic Yards] Both are put together out of glass and steel and instead of being rigidly vertical, they, each of them, are multi storied pile of strange random looking curves. And random is the operative word here. The buildings don't add up to a coherent visual idea. A cruve here, a curve there, but nothing you can actually call real design.

No real design, the perfect architect for a project with no real business plan other than grabbing as many subsidies as it can.

I know of no real artist who finds Gehry's crap in the least attractive - trite, flippant novelty seekers do, and the 'chattering classes' who are passing off a bigger massive fraud then abstract art.

- as mentioned, not online, but free copies are available at the Art Student's League.

Who is Ron Paul?

Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record:

He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
He has never taken a government-paid junket.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

He voted against the Patriot Act.
He voted against regulating the Internet.
He voted against the Iraq war.

He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress.

"by my works you shall know me"

Message From Ron Paul

Ron Paul rightly connects the the dots - that private property - true property ownership- firearms ownership and individual liberty are under attack from the same elite - of which Bruce Ratner is an integral part - those who don't think Atlantic Yards is 'as important' as Iraq don't get it - we lose local power and any chance of correcting national issues will be gone.
September 20, 2007

Dear friend,

Our American way of life is under attack. And it is up to us to save it.

The world's elites are busy forming a North American Union. If they succeed, as they were in forming the European Union, the good ol' USA will only be a memory. We cannot let that happen.

The UN wants to confiscate our firearms and impose a global tax. The UN elites want to control the oceans with the Law of the Sea Treaty. And they want to use our military to police the world.

Our right to own and use property is fading because bureaucrats and special interests are abusing eminent domain.

Our right to educate our children as we choose is under assault. "No Child Left Behind" is seeing to that. And our right to say "no" to forced mental screening of our school-aged children is nearly gone.

The elites gave us a national ID card. They also gave us the most misnamed legislation in history: The Patriot Act. And these same people are pushing to give amnesty to illegal immigrants and erase our national borders.

Record government debt is putting a burden on our children and grandchildren that is shameful.

Yes. Our American way of life is under attack. And it's understandable that many are concerned, even discouraged, about the kind of country our children and grandchildren will inherit.

But we must never let discouragement become surrender.

One reason I am NOT discouraged is because I know I am not fighting alone. Each day I head out I know that you and thousands of other patriotic, freedom-loving Americans are right beside me, standing brave and true for what is good and right.

I need your help now, more than ever, to save the country we love...for the people we love.

My wife Carol and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary early this year. We are proud parents of five children and 18 grandchildren. We love them very much, as I know you love your family.

As a U.S. congressman, I always think about the well-being of my family and of all the families of our great nation when I cast a vote or introduce legislation. I also remember that I have sworn a solemn oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States.

For me, upholding that oath is the first and best way to preserve and protect the blessed American way of life for our children and grandchildren.

And now you know why I'm running for president of the United States.

I ask for your help. Please send your maximum donation today by going to



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Arrogant , Stupid, Crazy and Lawless Enought to Do It?

Bush setting America up for war with Iran

By Philip Sherwell in New York and Tim Shipman in Washington
Last Updated: 2:29am BST 17/09/2007

Dick Cheney ('The Man') with George W Bush

Senior American intelligence and defence officials believe that President George W Bush and his inner circle are taking steps to place America on the path to war with Iran, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

If Bush did it, it would pretty much ensure the Republican minority would shrink even smaller, which in turn, will open up our borders ... and both of his agendas would be accomplished. I used to think conspiracy theories were just that, but maybe they aren't as wacky as they sound.

If Bush does this, it will clearly be a criminal act, outside of constitutional authority. It will pretty much be declaring the beginning of the end of the Republic.

Note: You're not likely to read about this in US papers or American media...the Lobby will see to that.

3rd Annual DDDB Walkathon - Register Today.

DDDB's 3rd Annual Walk Don't Destroy walkathon fundraiser
is coming up on October 14th.
All funds raised go towards the two lawsuits (EIS lawsuit,
eminent domain lawsuit).



Want to volunteer or be a sponsor? Email at:

Democracy Doesn't Matter.

Despite the fact that the overwelming majority of Americans are against increased immigration, against amenesty - the Senate is ONCE AGAIN trying to push through amnesty.
Congress quietly returns to immigration
A broad overhaul failed this summer, but an array of smaller measures is under discussion, including ways to legalize certain workers.
By Nicole Gaouette, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 17, 2007
WASHINGTON — Three months after Congress failed to pass a broad immigration overhaul, lawmakers are quietly returning to the hot-button issue, discussing narrower measures that address illegal immigrants and low-skilled laborers.

Obviously, the senate is ignoring the mandate and will of the American people - and even if they were replaced the well entrenched burucracy would continue to increase and hustle through as many immigrants as possible -as is the case in Europe.

Clearly the Senate is ignoring the people and the constitution - the only question remains who or what are they listening to?

Police State In The Making::Key Ingredient ::Multiculturalism.

Paul Craig Roberts writes
Naïve Americans who think they live in a free society should watch the videos filmed by students at a John Kerry speech Sept. 17, Constitution Day, at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

At the conclusion of Kerry's speech, Andrew Meyer, a 21-year-old journalism student, was selected by Sen. Kerry to ask a question. Meyer held up a copy of BBC investigative reporter Greg Palast's book Armed Madhouse and asked if Kerry was aware that Palast's investigations determined that Kerry had actually won the election. Why, Meyer asked, had Kerry conceded the election so quickly when there were so many obvious examples of vote fraud? Why, Meyer went on to ask, was Kerry refusing to consider Bush's impeachment when Bush was about to initiate another act of military aggression, this time against Iran?

At this point the public's protectors – the police – decided that Meyer had said too much. They grabbed Meyer and began dragging him off. Meyer said repeatedly "I have done nothing wrong," which under our laws he had not. He threatened no one and assaulted no one.

That didn't stop the cops from applying a taser to him.... the kid was being obnoxious but it seems to me the taser has moved from being a substitute for lethal force (gun) to being a replacement for good police work and common sense- like industrial farming vs. organic, its a convenient simple minded shortcut.

I DO think that having more minorities -particularly if they are foreigners- and women on the police force and a multicultural society make brutality more prevalent -for example in the video there are several women officers- obviously could not physically handle the guy (even more scary are female firefighters - and often such women are lesbians with a radical, man hating agenda)- if it were six men perhaps the taser not necessary.

Police used to come out of and be part of communities - since globalization and multiculturalism make that impossible they are indifferent to communities- it is no accident that truly brutal police and state armies that terrorize populations are always from outside the culture.

A textbook example of what happens under mass immigration and globalization is Great Briton. Bobbies used to not carry anything more lethal than a night stick and that was all that was necessary to be an police officer in Briton. They had the trust of their communities and Briton enjoyed a low crime rate. Now, with mass immigration, it is unimaginable for bobbies to NOT have guns...and of course crime in the UK has soared. Yet globalists claim diversity enriches us. I have yet to see how.

but what is also disturbing is that the police are using violence IN ANSWER to peaceful actions - even if they are disturbing the peace they are not violent actions....

The evidence that multiculturalism creates isolation is overwhelming

In the presence of [ethnic] diversity, we hunker down. We act like turtles. The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined. And it's not just that we don't trust people who are not like us. In diverse communities, we don't trust people who do look like us.

I think a "perfect storm' is coming to New York for two reasons: The lowered army standards which means they now are full of gang members
and a few years ago bloomberg radically lowered police recruitment standards now he proudly says %25 of cops are foreign born minorities- they come from countries were corruption is the norm for the culture, and often are well versed in racial identity politics.

My advice, get out, get a gun, or both.

The Truth Spoken, Does Anyone Care?

Exorcising the Dodgers

50 years ago, the Dodgers left Ebbets Field for Los Angeles. Isn’t it time their ghosts left, too?
The Dodgers have been so persistently overinvested with meaning—so puffed up on lofty flights of jock metaphysics—that they’re not even a baseball team anymore. They’re every big idea you’ve ever heard of: Equality, Democracy, Community, America.
The most obvious (and calculated) candidate to replace Ebbets is the massive Atlantic Yards project, the $4.2 billion, sixteen-tower, 6,400-unit Gehry-designed commercial-residential-office complex that will redefine Fort Greene and Prospect Heights, ramp up gentrification, and (pretty much incidentally) be home to basketball’s Nets. Depending on whom you talk to, this is either Brooklyn’s long-awaited salvation—a Second Temple to atone for the destruction of Ebbets—or the most cynical use of a sports team ever, the worst thing to happen to Brooklyn since the Dodgers left. It’s impossible to say, of course, whether the development will draw the surrounding neighborhoods together, giving modern Brooklyn the civic center it so clearly lacks, or whether it will just act as a gigantic crinkly metal wall. But as a metaphor, it’s the exact opposite of Ebbets. Ebbets was a tiny, neighborhood-uniting orthodox baseball temple that was built, in less than a year, on an old dump crisscrossed by goat paths. Atlantic Yards is a huge, neighborhood-raping megadevelopment, pinned between two of its developer’s own malls, that violates every design principle of the borough’s small-scale, organic history. Construction is scheduled to take ten years. It is pure real estate, with sports as a footnote. The Nets haven’t grown, like the Dodgers did, directly out of the Brooklyn soil—they’ll be transplants, a squad of mercenaries paid to sell the neighborhood’s new regime. It’s hard to envision the natives finally bonding with the gentrifying hordes over $50 seats at a Nets game. (Bruce Ratner has skillfully scrambled the racial politics of the project, enlisting—some say buying—widespread black support and casting opponents as selfish gentrifiers.) Atlantic Yards is Dodgers nostalgia run amok: New Brooklyn getting rich on the dying myth of Old Brooklyn—a supposed tribute to the borough that may well end up defacing the Brooklyn it’s pretending to honor. The Nets are less a karmic reversal of the Dodgers tragedy than its logical conclusion. O’Malley ruined the borough by leaving; Ratner will ruin it by moving in.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Age of Greed.

From Lost City::
A photo study in the current issue of House & Garden magazine aptly illustrates the kind of anti-culture, anti-heritage, pro-money, short-sighted mindset that is pervading the city just now. It concerns the little-known hive of studios that rest atop Carnegie Hall and have been home to various painters, composers, musicians, dancers and the like ever since old Andrew Carnegie deemed it should be so.

Since June 2007, the Carnegie Hall Coroporation (and, believe me, this outfit is more corporation than Carnegie) has been slipping little "Get Out!" notices under the doors of the studio's various (often elderly) tenants. Many have already left. Some 29 tenants remain in the original 170 studios. They're fighting their evictions in court. Carnegie Hall Corporation wants to use the studios for educational programs that are currently conducted elsewhere.

House and Garden Writes:
Photographer Josef Astor lives and works in one of the last occupied studios Andrew Carnegie had built on the roof of the great concert hall in 1897, hoping to provide rental income to the then struggling hall. Of the original 170 studios like Astor's, only 29 are still used by artists, as Carnegie intended.

Even allegedly non for profit institutions are on a relentless quest to make sure every square inch generates maximum profit. So what if Carnegie donated the money and intended for it to serve long as you can legally wrangle the language, thanks to slick lawyer you 'win' there's no right or wrong here, right? ....such is the ethos of "anything goes" baby boom generation.

When the bottom line is the bottom line what else matters? The only question is exactly what sort of city will this become...what sort of city has it become?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Recommened Reading :: Deep Economy

Measured in purely economic standards, a cancer patient on his way to his divorce lawyer who gets in a car accident is great for the economy.

Obviously, no sane person would want to be that man, but as Bill McKibben's book shows, our economy and our government's hand in directing in it are just as detached as the above example.

McKibben points to some sobering long term statistics we're not facing, that obviously we can't keep driving the economy based on oil, new housing starts and suburbanizing the landscape - but we are doing just that and like social security - no politician wants to face it. So Chuck Schumer in his flag-waving for Atlantic Yards, tells us we must 'Grow or Die'. Or in other words, pass the buck to future generations.

I am not surprised that greedy, corrupt jerks like Bruce Ratner lack imagination and foresight, nor politicians like 'Chuck' Schumer, but it should be plainly obvious to those that don't have their hand in the cookie jar that continuing to base the NY economy on massive soviet style projects, ignoring real infrastructure, putting up useless soon to be obsolete space like arena's (and in other cases, getting rid of shipping docks for luxury cruise liners) is a recipe for disaster. Future generations, the ones who would be paying for Ratner's greed, should he succeed, will probably wonder in bewilderment how we could be so selfish and short-sighted.

Anyway the book provides many positive examples of new approaches to economics and food growing and what look like genuinely better ways to live. Summary here.

Everything Changes** - Spitzer

** except supporting greedy corrupt boondoggles:

NoLandGrab writes:

ESDC, FCR fire back in fierce eminent domain defense

Atlantic Yards Report

The defendants' briefs for the appeal of the federal eminent domain lawsuit, Goldstein v. Pataki, was on Norman Oder's summer reading list......


Why is the ESDC 'fiercely' fighting the eminent domain lawsuit, if Spitzer and Foye were sincere about reform. No one seriously concerned about reform would help to prop up a land grab/boondoggle like Atlantic Yards. Once again, hopeful voters have learned that campaign rhetoric is just that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Oil tops $80 a barrel, an all-time high
New record for crude as government reports big drop in supplies; Alaska production slowdown, Gulf storms add to worries.

nearly all of our food comes from petruleum based fertizler and mechanized farming - and usually from the far side of the country or planet - if you don't buy from a farmer's market, chances are your lettuce is being trucked from 1500 miles away.

If oil REALLY becomes scarce, guess what, those nuts up in Vermont won't look so nutty anymore.

Keep an Eye Out For::

Bella I caught this at last year's Santa Barbara Film Festival - seeing it on account of the word-of-mouth buzz.....
It seems to finally be making its way to theaters, I am a bit suprised, owing to its subject matter, but then again, they have a pc card to play, as the press kit panders to.
I don't mind so much. I like the actor and producer (caught a glimpse of them at the festival seem like genuinely nice people).

Alicia Colon in the NY Sun writes:

Most Hollywood films are sympathetic to the plight of women and teenagers caught in unwanted pregnancies. The abortion providers are saintly figures such as Michael Caine in "The Cider House Rules," for which he won an Academy Award in 1999. When a film comes along that might stir some misgiving about the loss of values in our society it's met with resistance, and this might explain why "Bella" the film that won the top prize in last year's Toronto film festival, hasn't found a distributor in New York City.

The film can only be seen at special screenings but word of mouth spread on Internet is most compelling. What is interesting is that "Bella" is produced by Metanoia Films, a company co-founded by the film's star, Eduardo Verastegui, a former Mexican soap opera star who's dedicated his talents to producing projects that inspire. Imagine that Â-- a studio dedicated to worthwhile, decent entertainment that respects traditional family values. That must mean it's dangerous, right?


Today's Advice....

Even if you don't own a gun, thank the NRA for all their good work and make a contribution. An armed populace may be the only thing keeping us from a totalitarian state.

EU, State of Freedom, Part II

From the "Gates of Vienna" (That phrase might become more literal than we'd like!)

This One Takes the Prize
Brussels demo This picture may win the Fascist Boot prize for the Brussels 9/11 demonstration.

Here, the police are openly brutalizing a member of the EU parliament. The Baron thinks this poor guy is probably Frank Vanhecke, president of Vlaams Belang, though he would welcome correction from anyone who is sure of the man’s identity…

The Long Emergency

I just finished reading Kunslter's book, which the following article summarizes...while I don't necessarily buy all of his predictions , its pretty clear that we can't keep doing things the way we're's no accident that Frank Ghery's garish, flash in the pan novelty architecture frequently crosses Kunstler's sights.

The Long Emergency

What's going to happen as we start running out of cheap gas to guzzle?


Posted Mar 24, 2005 12:00 AM

A few weeks ago, the price of oil ratcheted above fifty-five dollars a barrel, which is about twenty dollars a barrel more than a year ago. The next day, the oil story was buried on page six of the New York Times business section. Apparently, the price of oil is not considered significant news, even when it goes up five bucks a barrel in the span of ten days. That same day, the stock market shot up more than a hundred points because, CNN said, government data showed no signs of inflation. Note to clueless nation: Call planet Earth.

Carl Jung, one of the fathers of psychology, famously remarked that "people cannot stand too much reality." What you're about to read may challenge your assumptions about the kind of world we live in, and especially the kind of world into which events are propelling us. We are in for a rough ride through uncharted territory.

- People cannot stand too much reality. Though not directly applicable to Atlantic Yards, the enormous expenditures of oil, steel and glass to build another useless building (stadiums are usually 'obsolete' in less than ten years) and complete refusal to seriously tackle traffic transportation and infrastructure problems represents the ultimate hubris and greed of the New York elite.

At the very least, it is an extraordinarily short-sighted misuse of public funds and and clear case of living now, and making future generations pay later. When you're a globalist, what you do to a local community doesn't really matter, I guess.

If anything it will probably the last large scale criminal-act-under-the-guise of-public-works that our elite will be able to take. In many ways it's something like the penchant institutions that are about to crumble have for building large scale useless symbols of power (Versailles, the Sears Tower are examples).

Another parallell in the book is the manipulation of environmental laws by big corporations. Thus, Marriot corporation buys a small coal processing plant, sprays some natural oil on it to meet the bare miniumum requirements of some misguided 'environmental law' and Voila! they are able to claim to be green and get a huge tax write-off in one fell swoop while not really doing anything for the environment at all, and, in fact, actually causing more pollution. Thus is the state of ethics today when stockholders commend them for such behavior because...well it increases profit, and as long as its legal it's okay, right?

Ratner's Atlantic Yards scam is also an example of this, meeting environmental green certification for buildings while tearing down perfectly good structures, letting others decay so they can tear them down, and building energy intensive impractical architecture by a trendy, vapid 'architect'. As Kunslter reminds us, there is no thing that loses its value faster than something that is valued for being up-to-date. But Ghery is not even up-to-date, he's relic of a super-elite whose way of thinking is a throw back to the 1960s, outdated planning that are personally profitable but long term disasters for communities.

Ain't Diversity Grand II

The following quotes are from individuals who are by no means 'fringe' but receive support from the likes of the Ford Foundation and Major global corporations (La Raza, for example) and in the case of the last, a tenured position at Harvard:

“Our devil has pale skin and blue eyes…”

“We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

– Jose Angel Gutierrez, founder of La Raza

“And the one idea is, how we are going to exterminate white people because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem.”

- African Studies professor, Dr. Kamau Kambon

"Blond hair and blue eyes are a biological defect."

"The white race is a disease, and the only cure is a bullet. The rule of whites is history. Soon they will be our serfs. It's now the Age of the Brown Man."

- Hindu nationalist, Ramesh Sharma

“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. Make no mistake about it we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed–not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed."

- Jewish Studies professor, Dr Noel Ignatiev

How much clearer does it have to be? This isn't it a joke, this isn't fringe - these are voices of major organizations that are supported by the elite establishment. Why? After first trying to guilt-trip supine they think they can scare us....but what they are doing, increasingly, is provoking us.

"Democracy" and "Diversity" in Action-

As I have been saying all along: multiculturalism and democracy are oxymorons. Freedom, Republic and multiculturalism cannot co-exist. We see what the EU finds expendeble: freedom, republic and Europeans who are being replaced by immigrants more used to authoritarian control (of course this will turn around and bite the EU elite but they are far too myopic and arrogant to realize that.

A couple of qualifiers: all main stream media calls Vlaams Belang "far right" ...and what, in their eyes constitutes far right? Wanting sensible levels of immigration, and an essentially, Belgian nationalism- wanting Belgium to be Belgium.

Secondly his party started to gain strength in the parliement - showing that they could take as many as 20% of the seats in an election and the Belgian government declared them illegal. I am certain a similar thing will happen in the US (though more subltey ) if Ron Paul gets elected or a real third party comes into play.

Police in the Belgian capital, Brussels, have arrested two far-right political leaders at a protest against the "Islamisation of Europe".

Police clashed with some of the 200 demonstrators and dozens more people were reported to have been arrested.

The mayor of Brussels had banned the protest, held on the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the US.

Frank Vanhecke and Filip Dewinter of the Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) party were arrested.

Vlaams Belang has been critical of Muslim immigration to Belgium.

The mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, banned the protest last month for fear it would cause problems with the city's immigrant population.

The protest organisers had promised a large turn-out, but the approximately 200 protesters were nearly outnumbered by police and reporters.

Notice the BBC editorializing - protestors were outnumbered (they never mention this when some small minority group loudly complains about the presence of a Christmas tree, for example)....the mayor did as much as threaten arrest and violence and then the BBC calls the turn out small?! How about brave?

Point two: the mayor and the EU elite who condone this are clearly saying that immigration and open dialog cannot co-exist. As mentioned, they are gettting rid of what they don't think is important.

James Fulford at Vdare has a great commentary on it. you can see a video of it here. The inestimable Brussels Journal broke the story and also comments.

Do the EU bureaucrats realize .....By making peaceful protest impossible, they are making violent resistance inevitable.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Easily the best film I have seen this year (close second was Bella - India's output has been disappointing)

Website here...and here. The first link plays the soundtrack...which is essentially the film - 16 or so tracks in an hour and half film.

Realistic musical? Oxymoron? Not when it involves a street musician who meets a young woman with a penchant for playing the piano. (Not to mention the lingering self made music talents of the older generation of Irish, in a scene actually shot in the director's apartment, using his mother as one of the actors.

And musical it is. I can't remember the last time I tapped my feet during film. It's a simple story, but it creates a world you want to be in- it at once takes you away and inspires you, yet is entirely believable. Perfect film making. What film...and life...should be.