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Symbolism @ The Olympics...

Robert Spencer looks at the Closing Olympic Ceremonies.....

From Takimag:

......It’s also worth noting that when the city of London made its little “Cool Britainia” contribution to the closing ceremonies, it offered no gestures towards the glories of British history, but instead presented a bunch of brightly dressed hipsters doing a completely stupid dance while waiting for a bus.

Each ethnic group in multi-culti London got full representation—there was even a guy in a wheelchair! I was waiting for one dancer to depict the Islamicist Imam with ties to al-Queda who’s received official “refugee” status and is on public welfare. But then it’s also important to note that London didn’t find it fit to include a cockney among the dancers, nor a dandy, nor a working-class 5-pint-a-day guy, nor an aristocrat, nor a soccer hooligan, nor a tweed-clad Oxford Don—that is, all the colorful figures that make Britain British (or at least in this American’s imagination). Instead, on display was the Benetton world—one in which everyone is young and attractive, dresses in the same fashionable way, thinks the same tolerant thoughts, and differs only in skin tone. While China might have given us a mass, London offered nothing but conformist individuals. When the bus door opened and a little Indian girl popped out representing “London,” who was then handed a symbolic soccer ball by a Malaysian girl depicting “the children of the world,” I reached for the barf bag.

The Beijing Olympics was about triumphant nationalism, a people with that “rising feeling,” who see that their day is almost here. The London games, on the other hand, will offer us lots of images of global nowhere-ness and reminders of just how much the British nation is in decline.

One commentator brilliantly sums it up:

Just can’t help a bit of schadenfreude that the downside of multiculturalism is finally washing over Britain like stagnant sewage overflows a gutter. The jump in streetcorner knifings and muggings must give pause even to the most enthusiastic believer dazzled with the dangerous delusion that filling Britain with colorful vagrants is the best thing to happen to the island since the Venerable Bede. Multiculturalist fanatics (no other term suffices) seem to hang on the legs of everyone not British, begging that they not be considered (gasp!) racist. They deserve the contempt they attract - although not to the point of suffering their folly exploding in their faces, as it did three years ago.

The Chinese aren't shy about commenting:

It went on: "Unlike the Chinese custom, which tends not to reveal their weakness to the outsiders, the British seem to like to laugh about their stupidity in a funny way.

"During the performance, when the London bus pulled over, all the passengers waiting for the bus rushed into the door at the same time, which truly damaged the 'British image'."

Another newspaper, Daily First, commented that the London performance was "casual" and "beyond our understanding"

The Founder of "Earth Day" Speaks:

Q. What is the number one environmental problem facing the earth today?

A. If you had to choose just one, it would have to be population. . . . The bigger the population gets, the more serious the problems become. . . . We have to address the population issue. The United Nations, with the U.S. supporting it, took the position in Cairo in 1994 that every country was responsible for stabilizing its own population. It can be done. But in this country, it's phony to say "I'm for the environment but not for limiting immigration." It's just a fact that we can't take all the people who want to come here. And you don't have to be a racist to realize that. However, the subject has been driven out of public discussion because everybody is afraid of being called racist if they say they want any limits on immigration.

The environment, crime, education....that word 'racist' has been the most potent weapon leftists ever came up with. It has literally wrought more destruction than an atomic bomb.

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Tax Payer Funded Anti-Anglo Groups

from Vdare:

Treason Lobby Tapping Taxpayers For La Raza

By Marcus Epstein

Last week, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann(R-MN) called for Congress to reconvene so it could take out parts of the recent Freddie Mac bailout that give $500 million in unmarked grants to far-Left “community development” groups, such as the National Council of La Raza.

Bachmann’s stand is symbolic but admirable. The Treason Lobby’s tentacles are reaching out to seize the American taxpayer.

When the bailout bill was passed at the end of July, there was little public comment on the money going to La Raza. However, it’s not the first time they’ve tried this stunt. In May, Congressman Barney Frank earmarked $15 million to La Raza in his Housing Stabilization and Homeownership Retention Act of 2008. The bill was killed—but a number of people on the Hill have told me that they expect La Raza to end up with even more money in the act that subsequently passed.

To put this grant in perspective: even $15 million dollars is greater than the total assets of the three biggest immigration control groups—Numbers USA, The Center for Immigration Studies, and The Federation for American Immigration Reform—combined.

It’s not as if La Raza needs taxpayer money. It currently has over $100 million dollars in assets, along with its Raza Development Fund, their “community development lending arm” that has another 53 million. This is before they got their housing bailout money, along with $1.3 million dollars it got from HUD earlier this year, and $16 million dollars that The Wachovia Foundation, associated with the Wachovia Corporation bank, pledged to them in June.

Occasionally I get a call from supporters who suggest we organize a boycott of different companies that contribute to La Raza. The name I hear most is State Farm Insurance.

I tell them that as much I’d love to boycott them, right now there is pretty much nowhere to go. I looked up the sponsors La Raza’s last annual conference—there were over 200 of them—and just about every major insurance company was there including, Aetna, Nationwide, Geico, Sharp Healthcare, and Prudential! In addition there were over two dozen government and military agencies; the Republican Party (!); and, most shockingly, a number of charities. The March of Dimes, Foundation for the Advancement in Cancer Research, National Eye Institute, and Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and Paralysis Resource Center all were sponsors of the conference.

Many of these organizations will no doubt claim that their sponsorship was used for the purpose of recruiting affirmative action hires—not that it makes it any better. The government will insist that the money given to La Raza is given for specific projects like setting up Spanish Language Charter Schools or giving housing assistance to illegal aliens. Again, not like it makes it any better.

Besides, all funds are fungible.

So before La Raza get new grants, voters, consumers, and donors should ask what exactly La Raza is doing with this money from the U.S. taxpayer, big business, and the March of Dimes?

One of its major projects is a new website called We Can Stop the Hate designed to blacklist anyone who opposes their agenda. According to the New York Times, La Raza wants to silence haters “even if such censorship were a violation of First Amendment rights”. La Raza’s president Janet Murguia justifies this because

“Everyone knows there is a line sometimes that can be crossed when it comes to free speech. And when free speech transforms into hate speech, we’ve got to draw that line.” [ A Call to End Hate Speech, By Ariel Alexovich, February 1, 2008]

So who has crossed the line? La Raza’s main institutional targets are the aforementioned immigration control groups: FAIR, CIS, and Numbers USA. Astonishingly, La Raza’s mode of attack is to go after them for their source of funding.

We Can Stop the Hate recently posted a YouTube video which opens with an ominous score and text asking “what if all the leading anti immigration groups...were founded by the same man…funded by the same organization…and have ties to white supremacy?” The video proceeds to the lovely Heidi Beirich of the Southern Poverty Law Center (which, by the way, has assets exceeding $219 million) who suggests that all the organizations are both funded and controlled by…Dr. John Tanton!

Of course, Beirich does not quote a single word from any member of the organization saying anything “racist”. In fact, she actually claims the lack of overt “hate speech” is what makes them so dangerous. Their whole purpose, she says, is “to present a moderate face that is disconnected from [the extremists], but in reality isn’t.”

So for La Raza and the SPLC, the line between “free speech” and “hate speech” is crossed before opponents of mass immigration even open their mouths.

As for Dr. Tanton, he deserves a great deal of credit for helping out fledging immigration reform groups. But he is not even close to being the main benefactor of any of the groups, and isn’t associated with any besides FAIR. Furthermore, far from being a right wing extremist, he is a conservationist concerned with sustainable growth. (Which is why he is attacked by writers like Jason Riley in the Wall Street Journal as a liberal population controller.)

As frustrating as these baseless smear attacks may be, they should be heartening to patriotic immigration reformers. With a little bit of money, groups like FAIR, CIS, and Numbers USA, along with groups with even less money like VDARE.COM, have managed to halt the agenda of La Raza and many other organizations with income and endowments in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Imagine what we could do with a little bit more!

Get it, my tax dollars are funding a radical group that wants to censor and margainlize me... Why? Why Fund this group and not say a white activist group? What is going on here? Why is this happening.

Well, Of Course...

of COURSE there is covert racism in US olmpic team uniforms...who could have imagined otherwise?

From Newsweek:

The biggest sports-related news stateside has been the redesign of the U.S. uniforms by Ralph Lauren, ...... However, the WASP aesthetic he sells—think of characters from "The Great Gatsby," clothed in tennis whites and delicate tea dresses—has come to represent a classist and racist set of ideals, hardly representative of the current multicultural social fabric of the United States........ The issue is that the Polo brand is built upon an aesthetic intended to communicate to the world, the wearer's successful assimilation into the traditional institutions of upwardly-mobile American culture—the elitist world of typically WASP-only country clubs, prep schools and cotillions.

Frankly, I am tired of this shit....
"Sameer Reddy" - can come to this country or his parents can- and start to lecture me about racism from a major media company like newsweek which is backed by big multinational corporations who advertise there. How much clearer does it have to be? Big companies and big ethnic blocks are using white guilt tripping to marginalize us to the point where we are supposed to feel guilty about blue blazers on the olympic team.

I do not doubt, for a moment, what Sameer's real motivations are: building power for his own ethnic group. Anyone white still supporting multiculturalism is a naive fool, or, quite well paid.

As a side note. I have never liked Ralph Lauren. I can claim some Anglo-Saxon Protestant "pedigree", and, personally, I have found his contrived meaningless logos over the top, not to mention, too expensive. Give me Jpress or Brooks Brothers, or logo-less LLBean and I am happy. But I might just mosey on down and buy some of Ralph Libshitz's clothing...the remote chance that it might remind "reddy" of WASP imperial domination makes me feel - I was going to say warm and fuzzy, but no it just feels really good.... Side note, one does have to ask, what's the purpose of the Onion anymore?

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Crime Wave In Brooklyn...

With my merciless un-pc commentary in blue:

No Offense

As anyone can see (or read, or experience), crime is up in Brooklyn, and in our humble opinion, it’s as much to do with the poor economy as poor judgment. [hold on...its the victim's fault? for not being more careful. A poor economy is a poor excuse since it hardly has to do with people robbing so they can eat] Clearly no amount of advice will get you out of every bad situation, but local experts gave us tips that could stop you from being such an easy mark. Some seem obvious, yet judging from recent crime reports, they’re worth repeating.

Watch Your Stuff and Lock Your Doors
carbreak.jpgBrooklyn Paper senior reporter Mike McLaughlin learns about countless people who leave their bags unattended in restaurants or bars — only to later report them stolen. “We very rarely put it in the police blotter because it’s so pervasive and so easy to prevent,” he says. Other common crimes of opportunity he uncovers: people who are robbed because they leave their apartment doors unlocked (see “Lots of Breaks”), the windows leading to their fire escape open (see “Big Burgs”), or anything of value in their cars (see “Bad Directions”). “I would assume most people kick themselves after something like that.”

Don’t Be So Cynical
To combat the crime spike in Clinton Hill, Councilwoman Letitia James helped spearhead a public safety task force with area groups like The Society for Clinton Hill, which created an incident map that anyone can post to (here>>). Involving the neighborhood is an ingenious solution to the lack of response from the 88th Precinct – but if more people reported muggings and robberies,* the NYPD wouldn’t be able to claim that crime is down, and would be duty-bound to put more cops on the street. “People don’t report crimes because they don’t think anything will be done,” she says. “Cynicism is my greatest enemy.”

Be Alert and Don’t Flaunt Your Gizmos
iphone.jpgJames also notes that most of the muggers are “victimizing folks who are texting and playing with their camera” while walking down the street. In other words, easy, oblivious targets who can’t hear a thing because their iPod is too loud. Maybe everyone has an iPhone now, but keep it in your pocket on the street and you’re less likely to have it swiped.

Trust Your Gut
Susan Moesker, who teaches her students to trust their instincts at the Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE) in Park Slope, ignored her own advice one day. When walking past a group of teenage kids in Prospect Park, [hmm were they white, chinese, Jews? Irish Catholic? when the description is glossed over like this its a fair bet they were black...if we won't acknowledge a chronic crime problem among black youth how can we fix it?? ]she thought to herself, “They should really be in school,” then convinced herself it was none of her business. Seconds later, they’d surrounded her and pulled their switchblades out, demanding her money. She got out of the situation unharmed, but the moral is that if a group or person strikes you as threatening or out of the ordinary, cross the street or walk away.[the other moral of the story here is that no one has the 'guts' to admit that part of the gut instinct is profiling. Do I 'profile' or worry when I see black kids coming out of the 7th day adeventist church, in suits and ties? or course not. Hanging out in prospect park, unsupervised, during school hours? you bet. Would I do the same if I saw Chinese kids, or Hasidic Jews? Nope. Of course, Brooklybased and other magazines and newspapers are so PC they will withhold information that could save people's lives.]

Yell Like Hell
yelling.jpgUse your voice — it doubles as a weapon. “When you release a yell while doing a physical technique, it makes it 15 percent stronger; that’s why people yell while breaking boards in karate,” says Moesker. Yelling will also catch a mugger off guard. That’s what yours truly did in May when a guy tried to steal my purse in Fort Greene, and the shocked expression on his face was priceless. “Attackers don’t expect resistance,” says Moesker, “especially not from women.”

(The CAE has a wealth of other useful tips, which it gives to students of its classes>>)

* We have heard about cops who try to talk you out of reporting a crime, either to keep their precinct’s stats down, or avoid the paperwork. Don’t let them.
[part of Bloombergs' cook the books strategy]

Sent by Nicole.


I guess Clinton Hill is now 'blighted'.

What WON'T Change if Obama is Elected...

in fact, will get worse. Many liberals, and even fed up Republicans, think Obama will bring 'change'. Here are some things I predict that if this man is elected will not only not change, but get worse:

a. The Patriot Act: ADemocratic controlled Congress, Senate and Executive will turn the patriot act on the right - marginalizing far right groups - prosecuting and jailing them as 'terrorists' in a hope to exert pressure on any vestiges of national identity or nationalism - since this will be painted in the papers as going after 'racist terrorists' the left and dailykos types liberals won't give much of a damn.

b. Iraq/Middle East policy: The American Conservative is the only publication I know who has pointed out that Obama will expand the 'crusade' for democracy' into Africa and other politically correct parts of the world. (we will of course avoid the issue with our main banker, China). Anyone who knows anything about Afghanistan, going back to the "Great Game" days knows Obama's strategy won't work - and I don't think he has any intention of carrying it out..I think he will hand over, or already has handed over, middle east policy to the Jewish 'left' as opposed to the Neoconservative Jewish right...the end result won't be much different - we will bomb Iran, continue to ignore Israel's mistreatment and land grab of the West Bank and continue to shield Israel from scrutiny - which is one of the root causes of our problems.

c. Fiscal constraint. Obama's is raking in money, overwhelmingly, from Wall Street...'nough said. It will be like the Clinton years- policies which the papers and media will rave about but middle class and middle america will continue to be displaced - but this 'story' won't be mentioned or discussed in national media - only about fake bubble prosperity in which Wall Street, Lawyers and a few others profit. Our core strength and core economy will continue to rot.

d. Immigration. He already said he has no intention of doing a thing about it and he wants to provide amnesty to 10 million illegals - thus encouraging yet more to come -


Would McCain do any better? Honestly, he'd be worse on some. Its death by hanging or death by shooting.

Strategic Investing With the State of New York II

a flurry of articles from nolandgrab about Ratner's securing financing of 80 Dekalb, and of course, nails it:

Ratner announces financing for 80 DeKalb

80DeKalb-2.JPGMarketWatch.com, Forest City Closes $167 Million Financing for Downtown Brooklyn Residential Building

The full press release from Forest City Ratner announces that the company "has closed on $167 million in construction financing for 80 DeKalb, a 335,000-square-foot residential building on DeKalb Avenue in downtown Brooklyn."

The Real Estate Observer, New Glassy Tower to Join Fort Greene Mini-City

The glass building will join the Forte Condo (at Ashland Place and Fulton Street), and the soon-to-be-built Danspace project across the street to form a small mini-city on the edge of Fort Greene, bordering Downtown Brooklyn -- but a taste of the 16-skyscraper-and-arena Atlantic Yards complex to come.
[A]ccording to the release.

"The New York State Housing Finance Agency selected 80 DeKalb to receive $109.5 million in tax-exempt bonds and $27.5 million in taxable bonds. The lending institutions involved in the transaction were Wachovia Bank, N.A., and Helaba (both co-agents providing the credit enhancement to the $137 million in bonds issued by HFA), as well as the National Electrical Benefit Fund, which provided a $10 million mezzanine loan and $20 million of credit enhancement."

Boring as that might seem, it's an achievement to get that sort of financing in this market, in which many of the Wall Street shops have stopped lending, and borrowers are forced to approach more traditional, and more conservative, balance sheet lenders.

NoLandGrab: It's less of an achievement when the state housing authority is backing most of the bonds. Also, the word on the street is that Ratner had to get the bonds from the State because the City of New York is more inclined to provide tax-exempt bond-financing for projects with a higher component of affordable units (50/30/20).

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Funding Set For Ratner’s First Brooklyn Apt. Building

Unlike most 80/20 developments, 80 DeKalb will remain affordable for 99 years, according to Ratner. For the initial 35 years, 62 affordable units will be made available for households earning up to 50 percent of the area median income (AMI) and 11 units for households with incomes up to 40 percent of AMI. For the remaining years, all of the affordable units will be made available for households earning up to 90 percent of AMI.

NoLandGrab: For those trying to wrap your head around all of the fanfare, this means that after 35 years the income-ceiling for applicants for the "affordable units" will be raised for the remainder of the program. Bottom line, it's less affordability for the long term.

The Brooklyn Paper, Ratner’s first tenants

This head-scratching explanation is probably our favorite bit of spin of day:

Some critics have argued that state affordable housing bonds are too generous. Indeed, the state’s $109.5-million tax-free financing will create just 73 afforable units — a cost of $1.5 million per apartment.

But a spokesman for the Housing Finance Agency said such back-of-the-envelope calculations miss the larger point.

“We don’t finance only the affordable units in a building; we finance the entire building because the developer has committed to having affordable units in it,” said the spokesman, Phil Lentz. “So our contribution is actually $300,000 per unit. We don’t finance buildings that are exclusively market rate.”

NoLandGrab: So NY State justifies its generosity by reminding taxpayers that we are not only helping to finance the affordable units but the market-rate units too!?!

One other note: Chuck Ratner got it right in the press release where he stated, "It's also a tribute to our New York team and the relationships they have built in both the public-sector and private-sector financing community." Though this deal closed in a shaky lending environment, the backbone of the deal, the state-backed tax-exempt financing, couldn't have happened without the Ratners' deep political ties.

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In the midst of a collapsing real estate market and recession the state backs bonds (thus guaranteeing them) for luxury condos....could the state be more foolish? Its a manifestation of what I have repeatedly said here- Ratner's 'ties' to the state are deep, deep corruption so pervasive and widespread, that Tammany Hall looks like good goverment. The Ratners are thieves and crooks - stealing land (literally in the case of eminent domain) and tax payer dollars - at the time when middle class tax payers face increases, the poor cuts in services - the Ratners are greedily feeding from the trow, apparently oblivious to economic conditions...why? It can't be because it makes good fiscal sense for the state, because it doesn't. We know its not even to provide low income housing, because it does not....so why in the name of common sense and decency would the state be backing the Ratners building luxury condos in a downturned market. Corruption, Greed. The New York Times refuses to look into it - because they are part the corruption - the Daily News refuses to because Zuckerman is part of the corruption...the state won't because they are part of the corruption..as pakati and Patterson proved - on both sides of the aisle...at this point we can only hope for yet another federal investigation of the Ratners.

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Corruption Praises Greed....

Silver Praises Ratner

Wonder what sort of over the top praise one can get from a $58,420 contribution to Sheldon Silver's Democratic Assembly Campaign Commitee slush fund? Here's Silver at an awards dinner for Bruce Ratner (the source of that $58,420 in January):


I guess all we need now is an editorial from Mort Zuckerman's Daily News saying "see, politicians agree Ratner's a great guy and AY is a great project"

I find it interesting that so many politicians would line up to praise Ratner and as they get higher on the rings of power they drop their anti-eminent domain abuse, anti-corruption stances and praise Ratner's project (patternson and anthony wiener come to mind) to me its a clear indication that the corruption is that the highest levels of New York State politics and that the media is not only complacent but a willing particpant. I would go as far to say that the situation is worse than Tammany Hall, and probably quietly and firmly run by a small clique of oligarch families - which include Ratner.

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If Barclays Center gets built, how long before it's obsolete?

from AYR:


If Barclays Center gets built, how long before it's obsolete?

This is the seventh of a multi-part interview (conducted May 28) with Neil deMause, the Brooklyn-based co-author of the book Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money Into Private Profit, and writer of the companion web site. He testified at a 3/29/07 Congressional hearing that questioned taxpayer financing of stadiums, convention centers, and hotels.

Q. Economist Mark Rosentraub, in your book, says something like, if you’re not prepared for major changes in your sports facility by its second decade, you’re being pollyanish. Let’s say Frank Gehry’s designing the best arena of its time. How long would it last before it needs to be reworked?

A. Well, [Seattle's] Key Arena was rebuilt in '94; now the Sonics are trying to move to Oklahoma City, that’s 14 years. [They have since gotten the OK to move.]

It depends on what you mean by reworked--torn down and rebuilt, or have some new things added? I think there will always be new technology that teams want, or new things that someone else will come up with and will make more revenue, and they’ll say, we need some of those too, the question is what you can retrofit, how much it costs and who pays for it.

At one point, I asked that to Rod Fort, an economist at the University of Michigan. His response was, Well, from the perspective of the owner, if you’re not paying for it, I don’t see anything wrong with a new arena every year.

not only is Ratner 'not paying for it' he is profitting, enormously directly from the public coffers...What will happen to the 'old' barclays's center it will become the eyesore that most of us already know it is on paper...lets not forget that its sold by hucksters like Markowitz as cutting edge Frank Gehery design...first of all, Gehery the architect of the global elite - is an dinosaur - designing wasteful, non functional, fluff that has become the 'brand' of global corporations - but like much fashionable things will look horrible when it becomes dated..and if the main selling point of the building is that it is cutting edge design, that value diminishes the day its completed...

If Ratner is not investigated, and maintains his corrupt influence on government, I do not doubt that he will ask for a new stadium in 10 years and line up politicians to once again raid the public coffers. Prospect Heights will be left with an enormous neigborhood busting eyesore...

Its Starting to Feel LIke 1789 Around Here....

Obama laid it on thick in the traditional sycophantic way:

Obama told the group–which included many Indian and Pakistani immigrants–that he is not only familiar with their cultures–but also proud of his lifelong association with them.
“Not only do I think I’m a desi, but I’m a desi,” he said, using a colloquial term that describes South Asian immigrants.

To applause, he said he became an expert at cooking dal and other ethnic dishes, though “somebody else made the naan,” the trademark Indian bread.

“I have an enormous personal affection for the people of South Asia.”

A thought experiment: Will one day Obama tell white America how much “enormous personal affection” he has for the people who built the society and (misguidedly) established Affirmative Action without which he would be nobody?[i think we know the answer to that...we're bitter, typical white people, afraid of immigrants and clinging to our guns and bibles]

Of course, most politicians will make spectacles of themselves in the presence of rich donors. The question is, why does this notoriously rich and entrepreneurial immigrant minority display such enthusiasm for this socialist mongrel?

Could it be that color–anti white hostility–transcends economics?[yes, yes yes... both Asian and South Asian PACs, despite being enormously successful, are engaging in identity politics that are inevitably are anti-white, and in the case of South Asians, anti-Anglo..].


While I don't want and/or welcome Balkanization and ethinic conflict it is obvious that is what is going on...whites are much like Royalists pre-1789...continuously giving up power and trying to show they are 'authentically' revolutionary which my might temporarily abate tension but in the end, make things much much worse.

Asians, particularly Chinese now see better fortunes sticking together and alleing with the Dragon than the assimilating... they have the clout, cash and clever use of guilt tripping whites with charges of racism (funny coming from Han chinese who are among the most ethnocentric people on the planet) they can gain alot more for themselves....meanwhile most whites are giving away their land (and power) the nature conservancy, fretting over whale populations and 'ending racism' to preoccupied or in active avoidance of reality ...that we can very well have Rhodesia to Zimbawae (or Yuglslavia to Serb-Croat, take your pick) like deterioration in this country within decades.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Non-News...

AP photo of school register reveals "Barry Soetoro" as a Muslim Indonesian

A 2007 Associated Press photograph, suppressed until now, shows the school register of the child who is today known as Barack Hussein Obama but was officially listed then as Barry Soetoro, whose citizenship was listed as "Indonesian" and whose religion was listed as "Islam." The visual evidence starkly contradicts the Obama campaign's claim that he was not a Muslim and confirms that he is a national of at least one other country.

In addition, it raises the highly problematic issue of what is Obama's official name. If it turns out to Barry Soetoro, and no official change of name was ever made, Obama may face an array of charges of deception and misprision that may throw into doubt, at the very least, his fitness to run.

Deep doubts remain about the veracity of the "certificate of live birth" image produced for his campaign by the radical left-wing Daily Kos blog. There are reports that investigative teams -- from the Republican and Democratic parties as well as various intelligence agencies -- are seeking out the details of his murky childhood from Kenya to Indonesia. There are indications of growing disquiet in the circles of power that the so-called "smears" may have understated the gravity of the candidate's identity problem: he may not be American, he was not raised Christian and, it appears, he was not Barack Hussein Obama.

The evidence of the candidate's un-American, un-Christian upbringing is nothing new, and has been documented by bloggers as early as 2007 and by Israel Insider in our very first report on this subject in June of this year. But until now the photograph of his school record has been lacking. The image is dated from 2007 and was apparently taken to accompany an AP article that appeared in January of that year. Ironically, that article was about how Obama was rejecting the untrue charge that the public school he attended was a radical Indonesian madrassa.

I have a more of a problem with his dual citizenship than his muslim upbringing since, it doesnt' seem to matter what religion he is- as long as it is anti-western, anti-white....

Why is the press avoiding this? Why is the New York Times? Because Obama represents their 'dream' come true the symbolic and real displacement of Anglo-Saxon America and the marginalization of "anglo-protestant core" that Samuel Huntington warned us about (Huntington was right everywhere the neocons were wrong - when they said 'the end of history' he said 'the clash of civilizations'). Government is the result of culture, it cannot exist in its present form if the culture and people are changed..that, of course, is the point....

..This has been the 'dream' of radical left since they set foot on our shores...and, they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.. America is finished. I do not think that the constitution (already pretty much disregarded by the right and left) will last my lifetime. One or two self indulgent stupid generations is all it takes to wipe out centuries of progress.

Best Olympics Quote Yet

Sex and the springboard

Just managed to catch another round of the synchrinised diving. It was the springboard today, and the British pair, Nicholas Robinson-Baker and Benjamin Swain, were doing their stuff. Their achievement was, it must be said, in reaching the final. Theirs is a sport not without beauty, but it always seems to have a homoerotic whiff about it as well. It all looks like a wonderfully elegant gay suicide pact.

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Lets Add 135 Million More People To This Country

That will make things better, won't it? How could our poltiicians be so short sited?

Nice Version Of Brimelow’s Coming White Minority Blog

There still isn’t much MSM/ Respectable Right commentary on the Census Bureau’s latest estimate of the date (2042) when America’s founding population will become a minority in its own land because of immigration policy, which I blogged on here and here.

But NumbersUSA’s Roy Beck has blogged on it: New Nightmare Census Projections Reveal CHAIN MIGRATION Still Choking Our Future. Roy’s blog is well worth reading because of its emphasis on, well, numbers:

The Census projection of 135 million more people crammed into our communities by 2050 is like adding the entire current population of Mexico and Canada.

Does that really make sense?

Why would our elected leaders think we want to pile all of Mexico and Canada on top of ourselves?

Another comparison is that 135 million is approximately the entire population of the United States during World War II in the 1940s.

Or here is another: Visualize half of all the roads and streets, houses, shopping malls, office buildings, mining sites, industrial sections that are now required to support our current population. All of that will have to be added in order to support the population growth being created by federal immigration policies.

How many of you live in an area where adding half of the current physical structures on top of what is already there would improve the quality of your life?

Roy’s point is of course correct and important. There is a real question if America can handle a policy-inflicted increase of 135 million people, especially in stressed environments like California, quite apart from why it should.

No, We're Not

McCain: We are all Georgians now

YORK, Pennsylvania (AFP) - Republican White House hopeful John McCain Tuesday stepped up a fusillade against Russian "aggression" and declared that today, "we are all Georgians."


Anyone remember long ago when we promised Russia we wouldn't expand NATO into the former Soviet Bloc?

Yes, "Less Insane Than McCain" might make a good slogan for Obama....

Friday, August 15, 2008

The New Face of National Review

The New Face of National Review
The New Face of National Review
Posted by Paul Gottfried on April 17, 2007

In one of the more grotesque episodes in the ongoing slide of “conservative” opinion into nonsense and ideology, Stephen Schwartz, in a commentary for National Review Online, offered a flattering depiction of onetime Soviet Communist leader Leon Trotsky (1879-1940).

My only question about the national review - why bother to read it? It is just a more distilled version of the Neocon propaganda available daily from NBC to the NYT.

This particular piece, however, serves as a benchmark of just who the neocons were, who they stand for and what they intend to do, and none of it is good.


I was watching some of the Olympics online, a medal award ceremony and our national anthem was cut short by a Budweiser commercial....what better for the Idiocracy..

The Twilight of National Sovereignty

The Twilight of National Sovereignty... by Paul Gottfried.

The "Final Act" Begins....

The end of the nation-state, in my lifetime....I sincerely doubt the constitution will survive the demographic changes this country is facing, and I think that was the point of opening our borders (and opening the borders in Europe) - end the nation-state. There are a lot of articles about posted all over, I thougth the ever thoughtful 2blowhards gave an a interesting take

Demographics, Politics, Discourse, Frankness

Michael Blowhard writes:

Dear Blowhards --

The Census Bureau now predicts that whites will be in the minority in the U.S. by 2042. As a disliker of rapid population growth, I'll issue a semi-related groan over the fact that by 2042 the U.S. will likely have almost three times as many inhabitants as it had when I was born.

Some subversive thoughts on the general topic come from Elizabeth Wright:

What will be the consequence of other cultures dominating this formerly Anglo land? Will it matter ... if Asian groups, led by the Chinese and east Indians, displace the leading whites? (In the end, a century from now, regardless of the size of the Hispanic/Latino population, the Chinese and east Indians probably will have navigated their way to the national leadership positions.)

As the Anglo-Euro population diminishes, why would people from these alien cultures subscribe to the prescriptions of a Thomas Jefferson, or care about the legacy of Magna Carta? When would the squabbling between the various ethnics begin over whose law is wisest and best fit to rule in the new, predominantly colored America?

Punchline: The woman behind these words is anything but a white triumphalist, let alone a white nationalist. In fact, she's black. As I've tried to suggest in some previous postings on immigration policy, one of the things I dislike most about our current practices is that they're an insult and a disservice to the U.S.'s black population.

A fun quote comes from Salon's Glenn Greenwald:

One of the most striking aspects of our political discourse, particularly during election time, is how efficiently certain views that deviate from the elite consensus are banished from sight -- simply prohibited -- even when those views are held by the vast majority of citizens.

I'll say. Greenwald is mainly writing about attitudes towards the mideast, but much same thing might be said about attitudes towards immigration policy. In polls, the percentage of Americans who feel that our policies are too liberal, if not downright nutty, runs from 60-80%. There are few political topics that many Americans feel as strongly about. Yet how openly -- and how regularly -- is the immigration issue discussed in our mainstream media, let alone by our most important candidates?

The very smart, provocative, and rewarding Elizabeth Wright blogs here.



Have any other people in history willfully (or not so willfully) allowed themselves to be displaced without any resistance?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More About The Non-News Story


A Real Anti-Immigrant Hate Crime

A group of 30 racists beat three immigrants–to of whom had just proudly served their adopted country in Iraq– to near death, putting one in a coma, while yelling racial slurs at them.

Authorities are not labeling it a hate crime. The Southern Poverty Law Center, Barack Obama, and La Raza are not blaming the attack on Lou Dobbs. In fact, it hasn’t gotten any coverage outside a few local media outlets.

You see the attackers were black and the victims were white.

According to the New York Post,
Russian immigrants Valentyn Olenyev and Boris Bukler were walking a female friend home to her car. When they heard a teenage girl (who’s race has not been mentioned) screaming for help as she was being held by two black men

Olenyev told the NY Post,

“She was screaming, and all we did was look to help her. I got a bottle smashed over my head, and after that, I started fighting. But I got beat down.

“I was getting my ass kicked by 50 people.”

Their friend called up Olynyev’s brother Ivan who showed up to help them, and was immediately
“pounded senseless by 240-pound Timothy Dixon, 23, who was swinging a metal baseball bat.” He was knocked unconscious and “suffered multiple facial fractures and will require plastic surgery.”

Authorities are not considering this a hate crime, even though mob were yelling “Hey, white boys, you’re in the ‘hood now!”

Other than the NY Post story, I have not been able to find a single media account of this incident outside besides a three sentence account in the Brooklyn Eagle that does not mention the race of the attackers or the racial slurs.

At this point, I don't understand why *anyone* would trust Main stream media about *anything* They are so naked in promoting the agenda of the interests that own them and apparently fully trust that Americans will be completely blind to it...and, unfortunately, by and large, they are right.

For a moment, imagine if the 30 attackers were white, the two ex marines defending the girl were black..and the whites uttered 'racial slurs' could we imagine it being ignored by the media?

Of course the reflex response from the desk editors is 'its a local story' but that's not the case when this sort of thing happens in Howard Beach, or Duke University - even when no crime has been committed and the accuser and obvious fraud...

Poor Bruce Ratner!

from the NYSun

""How this man looks every day in a positive way at all the hate that's been directed to him, I will never know," Mr. Markowitz said of Mr. Ratner yesterday."

Well Markowitz, you assume Bruce Ratner has the slightest bit of feelings about the people he steals from. He has no more conscious then you did when, in a cheap political stunt you took down George Washington's portrait from Borough Hall...
After his election, he announced his intention to take down some of the portraits of “old white guys”—former mayors and such—that hung in Borough Hall and replace them with portraits of blacks or women. One of the old white guys was George Washington, and Markowitz’s gesture was taken by some to be unpatriotic; others thought it was merely silly, particularly since he had not felt obliged to surrender his own Caucasian electoral ambitions to Jeannette Gadson, the black, female runner-up in the primary for Borough President.

Actually, symbolically, it is fitting that Markowitz did this....and it is fitting that all the New York elite and politicians would line up, at this event, to praise Ratner's behavior. It shows just how out of touch they are, and just how insulated and powerful they think they are- they think they can ride roughshod over entire communities because the media (their friends) will back them...they think that the political process is so much in their control that that no opposition can win...perhaps they are right, but they are also so God damned greedy they are killing the system which supports them and its only a question of how long the 'system' can last...every day it feels like we're one step closer to Weimer republic 2.0

I do wonder if Markowitz and Ratner didn't chuckle at all this...while stealing billions from the city and state, stealing land and property from middle class taxpayers, shamelessly using minorities and exacerbating racial tension...all so Bruce Ratner can line his pockets (and send a bit to 'charities' like Jewish Poverty) ...and we're supposed to be concerned about...Ratner's feelings?

Less Insane Than McCaine?

That might be a better slogan for Obama than "Change" since we know nothing of the sort is coming from him.

Quote Steve Sailer:

This is a concern about Obama. Unlike Yosemite Sam McCain, Obama doesn't really care much about foreign policy (his whole career was devoted to burrowing inward from the exotic margins), so you'd expect him to be sensible about foreign countries. His cold-blooded yuppie personality should be good for avoiding getting us into absurd situations like this.

And, I suspect he is sensible, deep down. But, he hasn't shown much courage lately in taking on the DC-NY Establishment Axis of Insanity. With his lack of a military record, long history of youthful anti-American radicalism, and his one degree of separation from anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, he seems to feel he has to prove himself unthreatening to the same kind of influential wackos who had such a disastrous impact on GW Bush.

I guess Obama's unstated campaign slogan on foreign policy is going to be:

Less Insane than McCain!

Granted, that is a rather persuasive reason to vote for Obama, but, still, does the difference have to be quite so relative?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A typical day in our Brave New World..

A wolf pack of at least 30 thugs viciously attacked two hero ex-Marines in Brooklyn after they rescued a teenage girl who was being assaulted, police and witnesses said yesterday.
The two former Marines, meanwhile, insist that the violence had racial overtones, although the assault has not been labeled a bias crime.

Bukler said, “Those in the crowd were yelling, ‘Hey, white boys, you’re in the ’hood now!’ We were yelling back, ‘We don’t care—we live here!

Of course its not a "hate crime" and its racist to call those poor ghetto kids a "wolf pack" welcome to the future of America a story that will be repeated daily under Obama.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Feds Closing In On Forest City?

From NoLandGrab:

Forest City in the News

The Cleveland Free Times, Is It Miller Time?

The Feds Are Examining A County Deal Involving Forest City

When FBI agents swooped into the county administration building last week, one of their top priorities was to confiscate documents related to the ongoing Juvenile Justice Center construction project, according to the search warrant. Details of the deals that led to the placement of the new juvie jail and courthouse, at East 93rd and Quincy, are full of political favors and opportunism, but no one has benefited more than Sam Miller and Forest City.
Soil tests [at the site] revealed high concentrations of a chemical called Aroclor 1260, a substance known to cause miscarriages and brain damage in children (both of which had been on the rise in the area, residents contended). Mayor Mike White called the site "the worst environmental hazard in the city."
In 1999, Sunrise Land Company, a little-used subsidiary of Forest City Enterprises, bought most of the parcels at 93rd and Quincy for $383,571 at public auction.
Shortly after Forest City's purchase, White suggested that the county build the new juvenile courthouse on the property, even though it was not one of the sites recommended by a search committee and even though the PCBs had still not been cleaned up.

In early 2000, then-county commissioners Timothy McCormack, Jane Campbell and Jimmy Dimora approved the purchase of the land from Forest City for $2.75 million. Strangely, one of the parcels that the county agreed to purchase from Forest City on February 29 was not actually purchased by Forest City until the next day. And the deal was contingent on an environmental cleanup, which apparently never happened.

NoLandGrab: With a federal probe into Forest City Ratner's Ridge Hill deal in Yonkers, that makes two federal investigations into Forest City deals that have been in the news in recent months.


Many have speculated there's much more to Forest City's influence in Albany than a few lunches and $2000.00 campaign contributions...and it seems the Feds are looking into the matter... this alone should give Albany reason to halt Atlantic Yards...but in spite of this, and the massive revenue shortfalls the state is suffering, the city and state are STILL committing hundreds of millions to Bruce Ratner..why?...Perhaps a third Federal investigation is warranted.

Circular Logic

From Steve Sailer (why isn't he more well known or published more by mainstream media...well the answer is obvious)....

Circular logic

Here's part of my new VDARE.com column:

Trying to think about the causes of the mortgage meltdown is reminiscent of the infinitely recursive children's song Yon Yonson, which was memorably featured in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five :

"My name is Yon Yonson / I live in Wisconsin / I work in a lumber mill there / The people I meet / When I walk down the street / They ask me my name and I say: / My name is Yon Yonson / I live in Wisconsin..."

Similarly, in trying to explain this decade's socioeconomic logic, you end up with thought processes like this:

Q. Why did we need so many illegal immigrants?
A. To build all those McMansions out in the distant exurbs.
Q. Yes, but why did so many Americans want to move to the exurbs?
A. To escape all the illegal aliens flooding their neighborhoods and schools.
Q. Okay, so then why did we need so many illegal aliens?
A. To build all those McMansions out in the distant exurbs.

Etcetera etcetera ...

Everything just spins around and around, like those chrome wheel rims, those insanely expensive hubcaps that were the signature useless extravagance of this decade. Neely Tucker wrote in the Washington Post in 2005:

"Today rims are a $3.1 billion industry that stands at the revolving heart of two American obsessions: automobiles and finding ever more expensive ways to buy things you already have and don't need."

Some economist should calculate what proportion of all the money spent on blinged-out rims came out of home equity loans taken out on houses bubbling up in nominal value.

Similarly, it's hard for most people to grasp the interrelatedness of multiculturalism and greed in fostering the housing bubble. "Diversity" gave the big guys an excuse for doing what they had always wanted to do: debauch credit standards and take the money and run, leaving the mess to be cleaned up by taxpayers (through direct bailouts) and savers (through Fed-created inflation eating away their capital).

It's not surprising that 'diversity' and multiculturalism have been adapted by big multinationals, and its not surprising that big media goes along...it's perhaps a little disappointing to see so many people fall for it.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Everyone Loves Democracy....

....except 1/4 of the planet....
Once again Pat Buchanan discusses what nobody wants to hear:

In Germany, Hitler was winning plebiscites with more than 90 percent of the vote in what outside observers said were free elections.

What calls to mind the popularity of the Third Reich and the awe it inspired abroad – even after the bloody Roehm purge and the Nazi murder of Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss in 1934, and the anti-Semitic Nuremberg laws – is a poll buried in the New York Times.

In a survey of 24 countries by Pew Research Center, the nation that emerged as far and away first on Earth in the satisfaction of its people was China. No other nation even came close.

"Eighty-six percent of Chinese people surveyed said they were content with the country's direction, up from 48 percent in 2002. ... And 82 percent of Chinese were satisfied with their national economy, up from 52 percent," said the Times.

Yet, China has a regime that punishes dissent, severely restricts freedom, persecutes Christians and all faiths that call for worship of a God higher than the state, brutally represses Tibetans and Uighurs, swamps their native lands with Han Chinese to bury their cultures and threatens Taiwan.

China is also a country where Maoist ideology has been replaced by a racial chauvinism and raw nationalism reminiscent of Italy and Germany in the 1930s. Yet, again, over 80 percent of all Chinese are content or even happy with the direction of the country. Two-thirds say the government is doing a good job in dealing with the issues of greatest concern to them.

In his 1992 "The End of History," Francis Fukuyama wrote of the ultimate world triumph of democratic capitalism. All other systems had fallen, or would fall by the wayside. The future belonged to us.

I can already hear the keyboards of the neocons clicking away....Pat Buchanan likes Hitler! Pat Buchanan hates freedom! Rather than recognize , reality, they would rather continue with policies (open borders, multiculturalism, anti-nationalism, globalism) that will destroy it. Of course, it has proven very beneficial to their pet interests at the expense of democracy...and perhaps, that is the point...

The Unanswered Question...

From the right & worthy DDDB:
Atlantic Yards IS Too Costly

Governor Paterson was interviewed on WCBS-radio on Tuesday and was presented listener questions. The following exchange occurred around 11:15 into the program (audio link):

WCBS: "With the state in such dire fiscal straits why are you supporting this costly project, which according to this writer may end up costing the state and New York City about 2 billion in subsidies and tax breaks?"

Governor Paterson: "There is a point that the listener correctly has addressed, that if it starts to become too costly, a lot of these projects that we were for, we might have to change our mind. To this point we don't think that we are there with the Atlantic Yards and continue to try to help them."

It is encouraging to know that the Governor agrees, especially in this economic environment, that megaprojects that become too costly require re-evaluation. But we'd argue that we are there with Atlantic Yards and have been for quite a while. With no evidence at all that Forest City Ratner can build its project, let alone bring its pruported benefits to fruition, the city and state have committed substantial subsidies, breaks and other special support to the project.

Clearly during this dire fiscal crisis—so dire the Governor himself presented a rare broadcast speech about the situation just two weeks ago—the construction of a One Billion Dollar and Counting Arena is a frivolous and risky endeavor which is too costly. The city and state will, if not legally then effectively, be on the hook for the $800 million tax-exempt bond Forest City Ratner has stated it is pursuing.

Then we must look at some of the rest of the accounting:
- $100 million direct cash subsidy from the state.
- $205 million direct cash subsidy from the city.

- A blank check promised by the city for "extraordinary infrastructure costs."
- An estimated $1.4 billion worth of tax-exempt housing bonds from the state.

Though the NY Post's $2 billion in government back financing is debatable, the developer claimed three years ago that the public investment in the project would be $1.1 billion. Either figure is too costly considering neither the city or state have shown that there would be a meaningful financial return for the taxpayers—especially seeing as how Ratner has provided the public and government with no confidence whatsoever that the project can be built.

Ratner's land speculation—speculation on private and public land (the rail yards and city streets)—is too costly.

And while the MTA threatens successive fare hikes, the agency which is largely controlled by the Governor, can make a choice:
Does it close its $100 million deal with Ratner to sell the 8-acre Vanderbilt rail yard to the developer well below the $214.5 MTA appraisal of the property? Or does it pull out of that deal (the deal has not closed yet and no money has been exchanged), divide the yards into multiple parcels and put the parcels through a genuine bidding process which would be likely to bring in something around the appraised value or even higher?


New York State, & Governor Patterson are taking no serious measures to cut waste- as evidenced here - which makes the unanswered, unexamined question loom even larger - in light of serious financial difficulty, cut backs in education, transportation and just about every other area of the state budget, Bruce Ratner and Forest City are still getting their pork...which leads me to ask once again, the unanswered question Why does Bruce Ratner have so much power?

I am beyond thinking that its because of a little lobbying and a few lunches for legislators....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Strategic Investing With The Experts In Albany.

From No Land Grab:

. Forest City, CBRE Feeling Effects of Wobbly Economy

The NY Observer
by Dana Rubinstein

In the worsening economic downturn, some real estate investment trusts and brokerages are showing signs of weakness.

On Jan. 2, stocks of Forest City Ratner parent Forest City Enterprises traded at $43.62 a share. On Aug. 4, they traded for nearly half the price, at $25.60.



Lets see...where should the State, which is running a huge deficit, sink four billion dollars...hey! here' a great idea...in a real estate development! In a company that's lost half its stock value! I mean, there's no real estate bubble, right? prices will always rise right?! And its just what we need in an era of 140.00 a barrel oil - a stadium and large parking lot! What a GREAT IDEA! It should rake in BILLLIONS! (for ratner, at least)