Thursday, August 21, 2008

What WON'T Change if Obama is Elected...

in fact, will get worse. Many liberals, and even fed up Republicans, think Obama will bring 'change'. Here are some things I predict that if this man is elected will not only not change, but get worse:

a. The Patriot Act: ADemocratic controlled Congress, Senate and Executive will turn the patriot act on the right - marginalizing far right groups - prosecuting and jailing them as 'terrorists' in a hope to exert pressure on any vestiges of national identity or nationalism - since this will be painted in the papers as going after 'racist terrorists' the left and dailykos types liberals won't give much of a damn.

b. Iraq/Middle East policy: The American Conservative is the only publication I know who has pointed out that Obama will expand the 'crusade' for democracy' into Africa and other politically correct parts of the world. (we will of course avoid the issue with our main banker, China). Anyone who knows anything about Afghanistan, going back to the "Great Game" days knows Obama's strategy won't work - and I don't think he has any intention of carrying it out..I think he will hand over, or already has handed over, middle east policy to the Jewish 'left' as opposed to the Neoconservative Jewish right...the end result won't be much different - we will bomb Iran, continue to ignore Israel's mistreatment and land grab of the West Bank and continue to shield Israel from scrutiny - which is one of the root causes of our problems.

c. Fiscal constraint. Obama's is raking in money, overwhelmingly, from Wall Street...'nough said. It will be like the Clinton years- policies which the papers and media will rave about but middle class and middle america will continue to be displaced - but this 'story' won't be mentioned or discussed in national media - only about fake bubble prosperity in which Wall Street, Lawyers and a few others profit. Our core strength and core economy will continue to rot.

d. Immigration. He already said he has no intention of doing a thing about it and he wants to provide amnesty to 10 million illegals - thus encouraging yet more to come -


Would McCain do any better? Honestly, he'd be worse on some. Its death by hanging or death by shooting.

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