Friday, August 22, 2008

Well, Of Course...

of COURSE there is covert racism in US olmpic team uniforms...who could have imagined otherwise?

From Newsweek:

The biggest sports-related news stateside has been the redesign of the U.S. uniforms by Ralph Lauren, ...... However, the WASP aesthetic he sells—think of characters from "The Great Gatsby," clothed in tennis whites and delicate tea dresses—has come to represent a classist and racist set of ideals, hardly representative of the current multicultural social fabric of the United States........ The issue is that the Polo brand is built upon an aesthetic intended to communicate to the world, the wearer's successful assimilation into the traditional institutions of upwardly-mobile American culture—the elitist world of typically WASP-only country clubs, prep schools and cotillions.

Frankly, I am tired of this shit....
"Sameer Reddy" - can come to this country or his parents can- and start to lecture me about racism from a major media company like newsweek which is backed by big multinational corporations who advertise there. How much clearer does it have to be? Big companies and big ethnic blocks are using white guilt tripping to marginalize us to the point where we are supposed to feel guilty about blue blazers on the olympic team.

I do not doubt, for a moment, what Sameer's real motivations are: building power for his own ethnic group. Anyone white still supporting multiculturalism is a naive fool, or, quite well paid.

As a side note. I have never liked Ralph Lauren. I can claim some Anglo-Saxon Protestant "pedigree", and, personally, I have found his contrived meaningless logos over the top, not to mention, too expensive. Give me Jpress or Brooks Brothers, or logo-less LLBean and I am happy. But I might just mosey on down and buy some of Ralph Libshitz's clothing...the remote chance that it might remind "reddy" of WASP imperial domination makes me feel - I was going to say warm and fuzzy, but no it just feels really good.... Side note, one does have to ask, what's the purpose of the Onion anymore?

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