Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poor Bruce Ratner!

from the NYSun

""How this man looks every day in a positive way at all the hate that's been directed to him, I will never know," Mr. Markowitz said of Mr. Ratner yesterday."

Well Markowitz, you assume Bruce Ratner has the slightest bit of feelings about the people he steals from. He has no more conscious then you did when, in a cheap political stunt you took down George Washington's portrait from Borough Hall...
After his election, he announced his intention to take down some of the portraits of “old white guys”—former mayors and such—that hung in Borough Hall and replace them with portraits of blacks or women. One of the old white guys was George Washington, and Markowitz’s gesture was taken by some to be unpatriotic; others thought it was merely silly, particularly since he had not felt obliged to surrender his own Caucasian electoral ambitions to Jeannette Gadson, the black, female runner-up in the primary for Borough President.

Actually, symbolically, it is fitting that Markowitz did this....and it is fitting that all the New York elite and politicians would line up, at this event, to praise Ratner's behavior. It shows just how out of touch they are, and just how insulated and powerful they think they are- they think they can ride roughshod over entire communities because the media (their friends) will back them...they think that the political process is so much in their control that that no opposition can win...perhaps they are right, but they are also so God damned greedy they are killing the system which supports them and its only a question of how long the 'system' can last...every day it feels like we're one step closer to Weimer republic 2.0

I do wonder if Markowitz and Ratner didn't chuckle at all this...while stealing billions from the city and state, stealing land and property from middle class taxpayers, shamelessly using minorities and exacerbating racial tension...all so Bruce Ratner can line his pockets (and send a bit to 'charities' like Jewish Poverty) ...and we're supposed to be concerned about...Ratner's feelings?

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