Thursday, August 14, 2008

Less Insane Than McCaine?

That might be a better slogan for Obama than "Change" since we know nothing of the sort is coming from him.

Quote Steve Sailer:

This is a concern about Obama. Unlike Yosemite Sam McCain, Obama doesn't really care much about foreign policy (his whole career was devoted to burrowing inward from the exotic margins), so you'd expect him to be sensible about foreign countries. His cold-blooded yuppie personality should be good for avoiding getting us into absurd situations like this.

And, I suspect he is sensible, deep down. But, he hasn't shown much courage lately in taking on the DC-NY Establishment Axis of Insanity. With his lack of a military record, long history of youthful anti-American radicalism, and his one degree of separation from anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, he seems to feel he has to prove himself unthreatening to the same kind of influential wackos who had such a disastrous impact on GW Bush.

I guess Obama's unstated campaign slogan on foreign policy is going to be:

Less Insane than McCain!

Granted, that is a rather persuasive reason to vote for Obama, but, still, does the difference have to be quite so relative?

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