Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Symbolism @ The Olympics...

Robert Spencer looks at the Closing Olympic Ceremonies.....

From Takimag:

......It’s also worth noting that when the city of London made its little “Cool Britainia” contribution to the closing ceremonies, it offered no gestures towards the glories of British history, but instead presented a bunch of brightly dressed hipsters doing a completely stupid dance while waiting for a bus.

Each ethnic group in multi-culti London got full representation—there was even a guy in a wheelchair! I was waiting for one dancer to depict the Islamicist Imam with ties to al-Queda who’s received official “refugee” status and is on public welfare. But then it’s also important to note that London didn’t find it fit to include a cockney among the dancers, nor a dandy, nor a working-class 5-pint-a-day guy, nor an aristocrat, nor a soccer hooligan, nor a tweed-clad Oxford Don—that is, all the colorful figures that make Britain British (or at least in this American’s imagination). Instead, on display was the Benetton world—one in which everyone is young and attractive, dresses in the same fashionable way, thinks the same tolerant thoughts, and differs only in skin tone. While China might have given us a mass, London offered nothing but conformist individuals. When the bus door opened and a little Indian girl popped out representing “London,” who was then handed a symbolic soccer ball by a Malaysian girl depicting “the children of the world,” I reached for the barf bag.

The Beijing Olympics was about triumphant nationalism, a people with that “rising feeling,” who see that their day is almost here. The London games, on the other hand, will offer us lots of images of global nowhere-ness and reminders of just how much the British nation is in decline.

One commentator brilliantly sums it up:

Just can’t help a bit of schadenfreude that the downside of multiculturalism is finally washing over Britain like stagnant sewage overflows a gutter. The jump in streetcorner knifings and muggings must give pause even to the most enthusiastic believer dazzled with the dangerous delusion that filling Britain with colorful vagrants is the best thing to happen to the island since the Venerable Bede. Multiculturalist fanatics (no other term suffices) seem to hang on the legs of everyone not British, begging that they not be considered (gasp!) racist. They deserve the contempt they attract - although not to the point of suffering their folly exploding in their faces, as it did three years ago.

The Chinese aren't shy about commenting:

It went on: "Unlike the Chinese custom, which tends not to reveal their weakness to the outsiders, the British seem to like to laugh about their stupidity in a funny way.

"During the performance, when the London bus pulled over, all the passengers waiting for the bus rushed into the door at the same time, which truly damaged the 'British image'."

Another newspaper, Daily First, commented that the London performance was "casual" and "beyond our understanding"

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