Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Last Post.

I thought today a good day to end this blog, since it marks the final nail in the coffin of the old republic and the beginning of new "America" - white liberals enthusiastically welcome Obama as a quasi messiah who will cleanse them of white guilt and 'prove' racism has been transcended, but in reality, they have elected a Madhi. Not that McCain would have been much better, he perhaps would have kept the republic on life support a couple of years longer, but it is certain that Obama will end it swiftly.

Wild prediction? The people I have been listening to correctly forecast the Iraq war would be a disaster, the WMD were false, the Neocons would destroy the Republican party, that the easy money policies of the Fed and cheap mortgages would cause economic disaster. Now those things have come to pass. "My people" are predicting end of this nation and the very possibly necessity for session or armed resistance to a tyrannical, unconstitutional government.

If the government is no longer following the constitution than it is not longer running on any authority but power, and that power must be challenged. The time for words will be over soon, and I am getting a jump on things. The long march of the sixties is here, and its going to get ugly fast. I can no longer spend time hammering out out warnings, bitter comments and I told you sos, it's time for action.

My final bit of advice:: Get gun, learn to defend yourself.