Monday, October 9, 2006

Develop, Don't Destroy Bombay:: Lage Raho Munnabhai -- Who Knew Fighting Greedy Developers Could be So Much Fun?

I have been looking forward to seeing Vidya Balan on screen since her debut in Parineeta last year....and it seems she signed a 100 contracts but nothing was getting made....I was first iffy about seeing Lage Raho Munnabhai - it's not what i usually look for in Hindi cinema (stunning visuals/cinematography)but, I have to say it is my favorite film of 2006...not nearly as visually stunning as Parineeta, but non stop laughs, tugs at the heart strings..and the comic timing between Dutt and Warsi is impeccable. Vidya Balan plays a different roll and is the 'straight' character to Dutt's clown, and as in Parineeta, her on screen presence is electric.....
....Dutt plays a street thug in love with the voice of "Good Morning Bombay" Vidya Balan. A greedy developer steals her home and Dutt, posing as a history professor to win Vidya, uses Ganhdian principles (coached by the spirit of Ghandi himself) of resistance to help her win her home back, where she lives with 7 senior citizens who are kicked out on the street...kind of like what Bruce wants to do in Brooklyn. (Since Bruce Ratner is such a caring liberal, I am sure he familiar with Gandhi).

Not a particularly strong soundtrack but two great tunes(shreya goshal again) though the picturizations were a bit thin...though one had the look and feel of a golden age hollywood musical.
Lage Raho Munnabhai one more night at Imaginasian Theatre...and will be at loews 42nd street starting next week, where I will catch it again. If you do, just remember my advice: Don't go into a chinese restaurant and order a hamburger.....and don't bring your expectations about Hollywood films to Bollywood. It's another world, just enjoy it....where else can you find love, romance, boundless optimism, serious discussion of Gahndian principles and slap stick comedy all rolled into one film that strangely, somehow, works?