Thursday, August 7, 2008

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From No Land Grab:

. Forest City, CBRE Feeling Effects of Wobbly Economy

The NY Observer
by Dana Rubinstein

In the worsening economic downturn, some real estate investment trusts and brokerages are showing signs of weakness.

On Jan. 2, stocks of Forest City Ratner parent Forest City Enterprises traded at $43.62 a share. On Aug. 4, they traded for nearly half the price, at $25.60.



Lets see...where should the State, which is running a huge deficit, sink four billion dollars...hey! here' a great a real estate development! In a company that's lost half its stock value! I mean, there's no real estate bubble, right? prices will always rise right?! And its just what we need in an era of 140.00 a barrel oil - a stadium and large parking lot! What a GREAT IDEA! It should rake in BILLLIONS! (for ratner, at least)

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Vancouver real estate agent said...

Well what do you expect? The whole RE market is going down over in the U.S. . Here In Canada the situation is not as bad, but we do see some declines in in the investment trusts. Mainly those that deal with mixed U.S. and Canadian equities. I sometimes think what it would be like, if our government wouldn`t step up and do some changes. But you need to understand that any kind of investing, no matter how secure it is supposed to be, is risky and downfalls are quite common. As a Vancouver realtor These things interest me and, frankly, to some extent pays my bills.