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Meet America's Latest Victim Group:

Hassic Jews:

AEY's Awful Afghan Ammo: Is it an affirmative action scandal?

This is one of those blog posts where I start writing about one thing and in the middle of it, I discover something I never expected, so the whole thing lurches off in a different direction. I apologize for the lack of pre-planned structure.

In the wake of the NYT's story on 22-year-old high school-dropout Efraim E. Diveroli, who snagged $202,000,000 in U.S. government ammunition contracts in Fiscal Year 2007 to supply bullets to the embattled Afghan government, many people are wondering how the federal government could have handed out such a big contract to some loser who has been arrested twice in his young life: for drunk driving and for beating up a parking valet.

You would think that somebody in our huge federal government might want to do some background checks on the Internet. For example, the only job Diveroli has ever held besides working for his dad Michael Diveroli was working for his uncle Bar-Kochba Botach's weaponry shop, Botach Tactical, in South Central LA. So, what kind of lessons did young Efraim learn working for Botach?

As usual the NYT avoids this angle of the story and Steve Sailer cracks it wide open. Anyone who has ever dealt with these people knows that the last thing they need is affirmative action and what is really needed is extra scrutiny whenever dealing with them....

But it seems to me that no one wants to deal with the real story. Some people complained about Sailer pointing out the ethnicity - there are plenty of non Jewish corrupt contractors - but as I commented ::

The fact that the iraq war and the sept 11 attacks are both a result of our Israel-centric foreign policy and the fact that the other high profile case of low life military contractors - david brook -the guy who sold crappy faulty body armor and had a ten million dollar bar mitzvah for his daughter (bat mitvzah? I forget) is Jewish does make it relevant to point out this family's ethnicity.

Ask yourself this Jewish readers- how do you think a poor blue collar family feels when their son comes home in a body bag and they learn that this war is largely the result of mostly Jewish neocons beating the war drum... - and in turn a Jewish contractor turned around and gave them faulty body armor and bullets- fair or not, I think you're going to see a lot more 'anti semites' soon - largely because no one else WILL talk about it.

The fact that people like Brooks and this guy would behave like this in light of this is especially troubling.

I would also add, I would never defend a WASP contractor who did this, in fact I think there is no lower form of criminal activity then to provide faulty equipment to men in harm's way, yet as we speak I can safely guess that a. the kid in question has fled to Israel. b. a number of groups like the ADL are trying to downplay, cover up or divert attention from this scandal.

no similar activity would take place if he were, for example, Anglo Saxon - me and others would be calling for him to be tried, and if found guilty, put before a firing squad with working ammunition...perhaps we could give him some of David Brook's faulty body amour to defend himself.

I guess the question is, does his being Jewish have anything to do with it? I would say yes and no within the Jewish 'community' there are sub groups with what Sailer calls an "in group morality" that - cheating or screwing over people outside their group is morally acceptable (gypsies are like this too) the Hasidim are certainly like this - within say Anglo Saxon culture we have our share of cheats and crooks, but I know of no in group morality that might lead to cheating others..

I guess some leftist would hop on here and talk about white privilege and past imperialism but my answer would be...ok but we can discuss that without being accused of some ism, can't we?

It also illustrates the utter failure of globalism and multiculturalism in a number of ways:
a. in order to manage different squabbling ethnicities, the government must have special programs.
b. once given 'victim' status the group is shielded from scrutiny, opening the door for massive corruption
c. there is no sense of community - nor can there be -its their group vs. 'other' in addition, since the globalist has no loyalty to locality, he is indifferent to screwing them over-he is as indifferent to hill billy boys coming home in body bags because of him cheating the government as Americans are to slaughter in Africa .
d. Because of ethinic blocks, fear of 'discrimination' no set cultural mores.., People who break the law have a competitive advantage over those who obey it. Once that happens a society is fundamentally broken.

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