Monday, May 7, 2007

The "new" ESDC

from nolangrab (link at the bottom)

Brooklyn arena project gets safety net

NY Daily News
By Jotham Sederstrom

State officials are rolling out measures they hope will minimize future disruptions in the Nets arena project in Brooklyn, a week after a partial building collapse in the area.

NoLandGrab: It is 91 days since the ESDC first announced they were going to hire an environmental compliance monitor.

For the record, the ESDC gave the public 66 days to comment on the 4,000-page Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

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A good way to minimize future disruptions? It seems an odd thing to be concerned about when you're supporting and building a major disruption?

Why is Spitzer's 'new' 'reformed' ESDC going ahead with this very bad, very unwanted, poorly planned boondoggle? Why no serious look into finances this project? Is there some 'gentleman's agreement' (more like honor among thieves) that is causing Spitzer to allow corrupt deals cut on Pataki's watch to go through?

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