Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tenent's Four Million Dolllar Lie

The unmitigated gall of the those who lied us into war never ceases to amaze me. First we have neocons lie us into war, then brazenly blame the Iraqis for their we have George Tenet saying well, gosh, I knew this war was bad but it was my job to bottle up criticism. False. Tenent helped accelerate the expulsion of CIA officers loyal to our republic, not Bush's empire. Officers who would have exposed the push for war for what it was - an attempt by a foreign lobby and those loyal to a foreign country to mislead us into the war.

A generation ago, he would have shamefully withdrawn from public life- but in our age of celebrity, he is awarded a four million dollar contract for a new book which essentially exonerates himself of any serious blame.

Not one neoconservetive - from Bush down - has paid the price for the hundreds of thousands of ruined lives, the billions (nearing a trillion) spent and the permanent loss of US prestige and respect. Not one.

As is typical in war, a couple of low ranking sergeants and privates have been quickly drummed before the media and chastised by the Bush administration in a display of false piety. But not one neoconservative has paid the price.

Instead of book contracts - all of these traitors (and that's what they are, traitors) ought to be put on front line duty in Iraq, no matter what their age - after all Iraqi children and geriatrics don't have a choice, why should neocons?

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