Monday, May 7, 2007

No Billionaire Left Behind

Glad New York City & State government has their values straight (via DDDB & NoLandGrab):

Mayor Bloomberg promised he wouldn't spend any city money on sports facilities when he first ran for office. Well, we all know what happened to that promise. The NYC Public School Parents blog points out that the Mayor's broken promise has been at the expense of education:

How education -- and schools -- always come last

Nothing reveals the flawed priorities of this administration more than the fact that almost twice as many new seats in sports stadiums will be created over the next five years as new seats in schools. See this chart – with 117,000 new seats projected for the new Yankees, Mets and Nets stadiums, with only 63,000 new seats in our schools...

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Add 16,000-18,000 new residents crowded around an arena, with no plans for new schools, and what you get is a crisis.

Mary-Powel Thomas, President District 15 Community Education Council, commented on this issue in response to the Draft Environmental Imact Statement (DEIS) for "Atlantic Yards" and submitted written comment to the DEIS concerning school capacity.
Mayor Bloomberg "promised" where is the accountability? Why hasn't MSM even mentioned this or 'call' the Mayor on it? Because they are in collusion with developers. Right now, we have an elite that is literally looting the public coffers and palming it off with a veneer of altruistic ideal - Atlantic Yards is about affordable housing? Kicking locally owned businesses at Willots point is about helping New Yorkers?

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