Friday, May 4, 2007

More Thought Crimes on the way?

While Neocons seek to establish empire abroad, and take away our liberties from the right, the left seeks to do the same:

House Passes Expanded Hate Crime Bill
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 17 hours ago
From AP. By JIM ABRAMS. AP Writer. WASHINGTON (AP) - The House voted Thursday to expand federal hate crime categories to include violent attacks against ...

Liberals who are fretting about the Patriot act support this legistlation which, as it has been proven time and again - is used almost exclusively on white males and for political purposes. So Bill Clinton -a liberal -can sexually harass and rape women and not be charged with anything, but Clarence Thomas can make a joke about a coke can and it leads to weeks of testimony before the house.

A non existent rape case at Duke becomes the obsession of the New York Times, while real stats about rape are ignored.

In Sweden a minister was jailed for saying homosexuality was immoral - something nearly all orthodox monotheistic religions agree on -liberals point out he was eventually exonerate - I counter its outrageous that he was charged in the first place.

Some more examples:

Bishop Jackson cited well-known cases of the application of such a law in other nations: "In Australia, two evangelical pastors were charged with violating the State of Victoria's 'hate crimes' laws last year for criticizing Islam. In Canada, a Catholic city councilor was fined $1,000 for publicly stating that a gay couple's lifestyle was 'not normal and not natural,'" he said.

He noted, as WND earlier reported, in other locations, such as England, Sweden, Canada, and even Philadelphia, where similar laws have been approved, the "Thought Police" already have prosecuted Christians.

In Philadelphia, a grandmother was hauled to jail and threatened with 47 years in prison for proclaiming her Christianity on a public street, Repent America has reported.

One Philadelphia woman, Arlene Elshinnawy, 75, and grandmother of three, was holding a sign: "Truth is hate to those who hate the truth," before she was hauled off by police officers.

Meanwhile, big media and big corporations pay rappers millions to curse, glorify killing police, hate whites, glorify rape, degrade women (its okay so say 'ho' (unles your'e white) but its a crime to suggest women should be proud to housewives) and generally act like devolved species and, if you're white and say something about it you don't understand 'authentic black voice' (whatever, I think rappers are worse than worst sort of minstrel show).

The only reason for the so called Hate Crimes bills are to criminalize thought. No one, including the suspect groups lobbying for these outrageous attempts to make viewpoints illegal, could be ignorant of their chilling effect on public discourse. On the contrary, they are well aware of them.

Scary times ahead? Bush said he would veto it. His word is worthless, but if so it would be one of the redeeming acts of his administration, and a reminder that Hillary would just be Bush in a pantsuit PLUS thought crimes. How did the choices come down to this?

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