Friday, December 28, 2007

Vdare War on Christmas

Wishing Merry Christmas, literally is against the law. At least those are the wishes of the some leftists:

The group they're criticizing, Liberty Counsel, has written two memos, Legal Memo About Public Christmas Celebrations, [PDF] and Legal Memo About Celebrating Christmas in the Workplace,[PDF] the bottom line of which is that if your employer forbids you from wishing people "Merry Christmas", they may be violating your rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights act of 1964.

Of course, that's just what the law says—the bureaucrats may find that Title VII has been violated by your habit of viciously, and with malice aforethought, saying "Merry Christmas,!" or wearing something red and green in a manner calculated to cause emotional pain. However, it would be nice to see Title VII doing some actual good.

In 2005, David Brock's Media Matters proclaimed that there was no War On Christmas, pointing to the fact that the majority of Mainstream Media writers said so, so there must be no War On Christmas. [Newspapers, commentators agree: Virginia, there is no War On Christmas, December 23, 2005] Patrick Cleburne replied with this: If there’s no War On Christmas, how come they deployed an Army?.

That is to say, why is it that so many Mainstream Media types see the need to deny what we can see with our own eyes?

Well, because they're starting to lose this war, because ordinary people are fighting back. The War On Christmas didn't start when Bill O'Reilly noticed it in 2005, we've been noting it here since 1999, and Tom Piatak pointed out that in its modern form, the War On Christmas goes back to at least 1906.

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