Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not All Fanatics Are Fact, Most Are Atheists.

One curious thing has always struck me about atheists - despite claiming to embrace reason, they are often the most irrational and emotionally unstable - let's just say high strung- people I have ever met; and the things they believe? Let's just say 'religious' people don't have to feel ashamed about those who 'believe' statues of the Virgin Mary cry when atheists:

a. If all religion just went away problems would vanish. Many actually 'quote' the famous (and bad) John Lennon song 'imagine' Richard Dawkins did this in an recent article, and claimed that there were no religion there would be no Northern Ireland, Israeli-Palestinian, Indo-Pakistan conflict. As mentioned earlier, this is remarkable in the breadth and scope of its ignorance.

b. They believe that religion should be 'oppressed' or made illegal or banished from all public spaces. Sam Harris even says that certain people should be killed for their beliefs. Of course this is not unusual for atheists. Atheistic communists killed hundreds of thousands of East European clergy for just that - refusing to renounce religion.

Atheists have always been fanatic about imposing their ideology on people -forcing them if necessary- while being equally fanatic about banning public display of religion. When confronted with this obvious double standard they will mutter something about separation of church and state. Oh, I see, it's OK to force feed ideology to, say, school children, as long as it's not labeled 'religion'. That's convenient, isn't it? One of the few intelligent things so called Christian fundamentalists have done in recent years to actually try to expand the definition of religion to include ideologies like secular humanism - that would be a coup d'etat, wouldn't it, getting 'separation of church and state' applied to all secular humanists ideas.

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