Friday, December 21, 2007

Congress Betrays Voters...Again

Congress was elected and the Republicans thrown out, on two issues - the Iraq war and illegal immigration. Pre election democrats promised to be tough on immigration and end the Iraq war, once in they ignore their constiutents and caved in to their lobbies -that is, if they ever had any thought of enforcing it at all!

Congress Delivers Coal to America’s Christmas Stocking

How evil is Washington?

Evil enough to destroy the border fence in the dark of night right before Christmas, when people are busy shopping and not watching Congress carefully. Legislators know full welll that Americans want their border enforced, as required by the Constitution (Article 4, Section 4).

According to Rep Brian Bilbray (interviewed on the John and Ken radio show on Tuesday 12/18), the omnibus spending bill is even worse than how it’s been described in many reports.

It’s bad enough that the legislation reduces the fence from a substantial double structure with a road in the middle to an easily scalable single wall. But in addition, the Congressional leadership cut out the provision that required federal contractors to use the e-verify system to make sure workers were legal; Congress doesn’t even want to prevent hiring illegals with federal funds. (Listen here to what Rep Bilbray has to say.)

And the malevolence doesn’t stop there. Any fencing is now discretionary and subject to the desires of local Indian tribes, community groups and property owners. Since when did imaginary property rights trump the ability of the government to enforce the nation’s borders and sovereignty?

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