Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Smearing Ron Paul, Again.

As predicted, first the Republican and Media establishment would ignore him, then brush him off, then smear him. A friend of mine emailed me the other day asking me what I thought about the fact Ron Paul refused to return a $500.00donation from a "white supremacist" . First thing, why is the media making such a big deal over a $500.00 donation. First thing Bruce Ratner will tell you is that takes a hell of a lot more money than that to buy a politician. Secondly, all candidates get money from all sorts of people - I am a hell of a lot more worried about the millions pouring into Hillary's and Huckabee's war chests from people calling for us to bomb Iran and (literally) start WWIII with the Muslim world. Why not dozens of articles about this in main stream media? Well, because many of those same media owners and corporations hold the same views.

Think about it. The one candidate calling for withdrawl from Iraq and an end to our bellicose foreign policy, the one guy against the patriot act and for individual liberty is being pegged as a 'nazi'. Such is the mind-set of our elite today.

For a more detailed explanation of why the charge against Paul is ridiculous see Juston Ramando's column:
This has all the marks of a coordinated hit job, and although I wouldn't venture to guess who's doing the coordinating, it seems clear to me that the Republican Establishment is frightened to death of an independent run by Paul in the general election – a possibility Paul hasn't completely ruled out. By marginalizing him now before he cuts into the GOP base, they can save themselves a lot of trouble – and if they have to get in bed with a lot of truly sleazy types, such as Messrs. White and Black, well, then, that's why they call them "dirty tricks."

No bag of tricks, no matter how dirty, is going to be enough to stop the Ron Paul Revolution: his appeal is only increasing, along with his visibility, and smear campaigns like the one exposed above are only going to cause thinking people to wonder what the smear-mongers are so afraid of.

Of course they probably know the charges are ridiculous - but they also know the power of a big lie.

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