Friday, December 14, 2007

Another thought about the ESDC's security Brush-Off

The ESDC, sorry the 'new' 'everything changes' ESDC brushes off security concerns by saying that welp, there are other poorly secured stadiums- like Madison Square so why can't we built one.

As 9-11 taught us, security breaches come from where we least expected - prior to 9-11 if i had heard a story about terrorists hijacking a plane and crashing it into buildings i would have brushed it off as implausible James Bond like fiction, as my own eyes saw that day, it was not. So knowingly building something that is a security risk - as a steel and glass building on a major intersection over a major transportation hub so obviously is - means that security will have to be on guard for the obvious and therefore not be able to devote resources to anticipate or prevent the not so obvious.

IF this crap is built - and if it is built by Gehry it will be crap - and if such a disaster does occur, I think Ratner, if he is still alive should be held responsible, as should Gargano and Pataki - and prosecuted for violating public safety.

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