Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Danger Of Idealogly.

Americans, too busy worrying about saving salamander breeds, who's going to win American Idol or the superbowl, and perhaps too sheepish to realize that their country has become as ideologically radical as Bolshivik Russia; and I think it's only a matter of time before it becomes as destructive - something it has already needlessly attained in countries like Iraq.

They vent their anger on media driven outrage on treatment of dogs, but are indifferent that Palestinians are often treated worst. The media gets into huff over fake rape cases, yet ignores the fact that the rape rate in many European cities is six times that of New York, in direct consequence of open immigration.

Most Americans don't want to realize that our country power has steadily drifted into the hands of an elite with a radical agenda that is openly in contempt of mainstream America (Harvard Prof. Sam Huntington's book, "Who Are We" documents this). On the left they blame Republicans, on the right they blame Liberals. But increasingly, there is little distinction between democrat and republican - frontrunner Hillary Clinton is the #1 recipient of money from both the arms industry and the Israeli lobby -yet is portrayed as the ultimate of liberal ideals (and in many ways, she is). Mike Huckabee is trotted out in mainstream media as a traditional conservative, yet he advocates amnesty of illegals and will probably do worse if he gets in office. Bush ran on a humble foreign policy and against nation building...and we know where that's led. More recently, Americans, outraged over illegal immigration voted in candidates that pledged to build a security fence. Once in office they thumbed their nose at voters, perhaps smirking under their breath 'suckers, they never learn'.

In his book 'Day of Reckoning' Pat Buchanan illustrates how a small elite under the guise of 'democracy' and spreading democracy, has duped people into surrendering enormous amounts of power, despite the evidence that they are no more concerned about democracy than Bolshiviks were about 'equality'.

Idealogy, Buchanan states, is a substitute religion - and often more fanatic than the worst fundamentalists - a perfect illustration is atheist Richard Dawkins, who assures us if we could just get rid of religion there would be little or no problems in the world. He goes on to give examples of Northern Ireland, Israel-Palestine, Pakistan-India, and ignores examples of the Tamil Tigers and atheistic regimes which slaughtered millions, a display of ignorance remarkable in it breadth - and Dawkins is one of the allegedly smart secular humanists - lower on the food chain...errr evolutionary tree - they "just don't want 'religious' people 'moralizing'" and simply see it as a great justification for legalizing pederasty and a veil in which to vent their hatred of Christianity and the West.

There are two characteristics of the Ideology driven
a. Convinced that their 'way ' will lead to a new golden age, those who embrace the religion of Ideology are oblivious to reality - as evidenced by the overwhelming facts about the failure of multiculturalism, of open borders and 'free' (fake free) trade, of imposing democracy on peoples not suited for them. Did neocons truly believe that if just given the right to vote, Iraq would turn into a cosmopolitan paradise?

which leads me to b. : The hallmark of Ideologues, no matter what flavor of benefit they claim to be bringing (French Revolution: Rights of Man, various Communists: Equality, Neoconservatism: Democracy) is increased authoritarianism. We see this in the EU, with increased 'hate speech' laws and other such restrictions which are in direct consequence of the failure of their 'theories' to work, and in America where we steadily have our rights eroded so we can 'bring freedom to the world'.

Buchanan quotes George Orwell's observation that "ideology animates 'the streamlined men who think in slogans and talk in bullets.'" and Kirk's that neocons were 'often clever....never wise'.

Both are true and we have not even seen the beginning of the consequences.

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