Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sobering but Necessary Reading.

I am only on Chapter 1, and I can't say its put me in the brightest of moods. I hear on the left, Naimo Wolf has a book which echos similar sentiments. As stated before on this here blog, the baby boom generation will be remembered as the most irresponsible, destructive generation in American history.

"Naomi Wolf and Pat Buchanan on the end of America

Goodbye to America, by Paul Craig Roberts

Pat Buchanan is too patriotic to come right out and say it, but the message of his new book, "Day of Reckoning," is that America as we have known her is finished. Moreover, Naomi Wolf agrees with him. These two writers of different political persuasions arrive at America's demise from different directions."

Note that most msm (main stream media) is sticking its head in the sand about the serious issues confronting this country - the only exception perhaps being Lou Dobbs. As indicated elsewhere people who own those companies, and the companies that advertise with them are making enormous profits - because the 'system' is rigged to help them and hurt us (us being lower to upper middle class america)


Its interesting to note, in addition to being called a deluge of names by both the left and the neoconservative right - ever since he called them on their game in 1990 - everything Pat Buchanan has predicted has come to pass...and next to nothing the Neocons have predicted has come true. ...unless you count Michael Ledeen's famous 'Creative Destruction" comment - well, we got the destruction part down, eh?

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