Friday, December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto's Assassination.

Well since every one else is commenting...first it does not come a shock - there were three or four attempts in the past few weeks - and not lone nutjob John Hinkley type but coordinated well backed efforts. She certainly was a brave woman for even attempting it.

Is democracy really a good idea in such an unstable country at this point? Bush seemed to press the issue - which exacerbated things. As Ann Coulter pointed out, our stability is unique - as is our government, and our form of government can only function in certain cultures, and it appears, Paksitan is not one of them. Wouldn't they be better off under an Abullah like King, who could gradually modernize the country working WITH religious leaders? THEN try to 'experiment' in democracy?

People tend to forget that we had a form of democracy (we as in Anglo-Saxons) going back to the days when we were roaming Germanic tribes and the king was 'first among equals'

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