Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vdare War On Christmas IV

And it’s a worthy battle—Christmas is a part of American culture and Western Civilization, and there are valid reasons—religious, cultural and nationalistic—to defend it.

Christmas inspires great art and literature. Think, for example, of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, which I have assigned as reading material to high school students here in Mexico.

Those of us who are parents and teachers should bear in mind that our children’s Christmas experiences—if they’re allowed to have them—make a deep imprint and will be remembered the rest of their lives.

I was raised in rural Oklahoma. We would go out each year and chop down a cedar tree, bring it to the house, and hear my mother say "That’s the prettiest Christmas tree we’ve ever had." Christmas caroling, church pageants and the arrival of Santa Claus in a fire truck downtown are among my vivid Christmas memories.

Navidad in Mexico is a great time of the year. If you like, click here and listen to the 1970 bilingual hit song by blind Puerto Rican singer Jose Feliciano entitled Feliz Navidad.

This was back in 1970, remember, when the Spanish language was just a novelty for most Americans, and wasn’t being forced down their throats through mass immigration and multiculturalism. This was before Univision was hosting presidential debates in Spanish, before widespread bilingual education in schools, and before you had to press "1" on the phone for English.

In other words, it was back in the days when our cultures maintained a healthier distance, so it was easier to appreciate each other. True respect for another culture recognizes that another culture is, after all, another culture.

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