Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Death of Dissent.

From Gates of Vienna:

A Blueprint for the Suppression of Dissent in Europe

The EUSSRThe disappearance of liberty in Europe will not be accompanied by the loud knock of a jackbooted thug at the front door.

Basic freedoms are already being eroded imperceptibly by the European Union. The process has been going on for many years, drip by silent drip. In order to create Eurabia, the will of the people is muffled, suppressed, and discarded by the elites of the EU....

It states that “neo-Nazi, paramilitary and other extremisms are directing their violent attacks against a wide variety of vulnerable population groups, including migrants, the Roma, homosexuals, anti-racist activists”.

The EU Parliament actually mentions Islamic fundamentalism, giving a passing nod to the real danger now facing Europe. But we know from experience that its targets will inevitably be the patriots and supporters of traditional European culture. To the EU, controlling Islamic fundamentalism means restraining European natives to keep them from “provoking” Islam.

The same can be said here. Slowly bled to death...slowly sued, pc'ed, bullied. Not quite enough to provoke a reaction and usually, when there is, some token gesture to let off steam, but slowly, quietly it continues.

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