Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Newsflash:: Bruce Ratner is a pathological liar.

from dddb: Norman Oder looks at Bruce Ratner's WNYC-radio interview during which he claimed with certainty, 2 days after announcing his project that, "I have never, ever seen a project get less protest than this.

of course, the most humorous thing about this vintage Ratner fib is it implies he, or the state, or Bloomberg were interested in any sort of democratic process.

As long as he could get his fat, slimy hands on taxpayer money (without being investigated), can one imagine that Ratner would care, on iota, what people thought? Once he was done using his astroturf community groups and various compensated reverends, did he care, one iota about their opinion about his Barclay's deal?

Once he was done getting money from one angry investor did he care? No, he couldn't even remember:
When Greene confronted Ratner with the alleged breach of contract at the end of 2004, Ratner told him, “I don’t remember what I said. As you know, I have a memory problem,” the court papers said.

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