Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Typical Example of the Double Standard.

Boxing: Hopkins vows 'white boy' Calzaghe will fall in showdown

3 days ago

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, (AFP) — Bernard Hopkins, vowing never to lose to a "white boy", and unbeaten Welshman Joe Calzaghe traded verbal jabs Friday in their first face-to-face meeting ahead of a US-British showdown next year.

Hopkins, who said Yankee Stadium is interested in hosting the bout, and Calzaghe, hoping to add the biggest name yet to his list of victims, vowed they would fight even as both camps were in talks to arrange contract details.

"I will never let a white boy beat me. Never," Hopkins said, dismissing cries of racism. "Call it whatever you want. I'll never let a white boy beat me. Never."

Sigh, the same old rhetorical questions: where's the media outrage? Where's the condemnation of Hopkins as a racist? Can we imagine for a second, if Calzaghe said he won't let a 'black boy' defeat me when referring to the 43 year old Hopkins. Oh news for you Hopkins, "white boys" - 180 of them, held out against 5000 armed Zulus at Rorkes Drift, 3000 "white boys" held out against 30,000 Indian mutineers at Lucknow, and, even in defeat at the Alamo our kill ratio is about 8-1...care to start a real fight with us? Better still, why not return to Africa where there so many less "white boys" to deal with? Oh because you're not that stupid, are you?

I, for one, have, long ago reached the end of my tolerance for this behavior. No more excuses, no more coddling, no more pulling punches. Its only going to get worse from here, not better - as if the failure of 40+ years of liberal cow-towing to this behavior has done a lick of good.

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