Monday, December 31, 2007

No Thought For The Future

Obviously, this is not sustainable...but unfortunately we've built an economy on suburbanizing land and immigration. Clueless economists, who probably have never seen a farm, don't care. Water running out, who cares? We can't feed ourselves, who cares? Population growth is good for the economy.

Census Bureau Projects Population of 303.1 Million

As our nation prepares to ring in the new year, the U.S. Census Bureau today projected the Jan. 1, 2008, population will be 303,146,284 -- up 2,842,103 or 0.9 percent from New Year’s Day 2007.

In January, the United States is expected to register one birth every eight seconds and one death every 11 seconds.

Meanwhile, net international migration is expected to add one person every 30 seconds. The result is an increase in the total U.S. population of one person every 13 seconds.

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