Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"“I don’t want this. This is nothing,”"

And The Wall Street Journal is still harping how open borders and 'free' (for China) trade is good for us....From the NYT:

Paid in Dollars, Some Americans Are Struggling in Europe

PARIS — Erica Nevins’s faith in the dollar was shaken the moment she pressed a crumpled $1 bill into the hand of a little girl begging for money on the streets of Marrakesh, Morocco.

“I don’t want this. This is nothing,” Ms. Nevins recalled the scornful reaction of the child, who demanded more.

Since then Ms. Nevins, an American fashion executive, has replayed that moment over and over in her head as she confronts the harsh reality of living on a dollar income in Paris and then moving to costly London. “The absurdity of this is that it’s so true,” she said. “A dollar really means nothing. It’s scary.”

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