Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Perfect Gift This Christmas Season.

"Muslim lawyer sues over Inter Milan 'Crusaders' kit"

"A Turkish lawyer is taking legal action against Inter Milan, the Italian football team, for wearing a strip with “Crusader-style” red crosses that he alleges is ”offensive to Muslim sensibilities”.

Baris Kaska, a lawyer in Izmir who specialises in European law, said that he had lodged a complaint in a local court against Inter Milan, which last month played the Istanbul team Fenerbahce in a Champions League match at the San Siro stadium in Milan. The Inter players wore a new strip - a white shirt with a giant red cross on it - marking the club's centenary. "

Muslims invaded Europe and Christian nations like Spain long before the Crusades. Do we get to be offended and ban the star and crescent? Okay, savvy readers will know the answer to that - since the objective of the people - the cultural marxists and globalists - is to destroy the west and break the nation state, the answer is a resounding no.

Personally, I'd love one, and hope they become the best-selling jersey in both Europe and America. Wow, a sports franchise symbol that actually means something!

Note the resemblance to the English flag? Is that too, offensive...well yes - during the world cup of soccer, English nationals were told not to fly the English flag. I am waiting for some self righteous idiot in the Guardian or Independent to say yes, Inter Milan should get rid of this symbol. Thus is the mad, mad state of the West.

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