Thursday, December 13, 2007

'Democracy' EU Style:

Problem: Voters reject a constitution. Solution: rename it a treaty and don't put it to vote. ::

LISBON, Portugal — European Union leaders signed a new treaty on Thursday that would give the 27-nation bloc a long-term president and streamline its decision-making process.

The treaty _ a slimmed-down version of an abortive European Constitution _ would provide for a more powerful foreign policy official who will lead EU strategy, and scrap the rotating six-month presidency in favor of a maximum five-year term for a president elected by the members.

More decisions would be taken by majority vote, eliminating the need for unanimous endorsement, which in the past has stymied the bloc's efforts to present a united front.

The Lisbon Treaty was endorsed by the EU's 27 leaders two months ago and will come into force after it is ratified by all member states. The aim is to complete that process by 2009.

Unlike the failed constitution proposal, which was derailed by the 'no' votes of French and Dutch voters two years ago, the treaty will not go to referendums in 26 of the member states. Only Ireland will give the citizens a chance to vote on it.

The leaders' refusal to hold referendums has brought Europe-wide protests. The others say they will ratify the document in their parliaments.

As with mass immigration here (and there) and the Iraq war here, voters vote for one thing, special interest groups and lobbyist ignore it and do what the please.

The EU's 'treaty' will put even more power in the hands of unelected buruecrats and an elite that is both out of touch with and in contempt of most Europeans.

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