Thursday, December 13, 2007

From "Gates of Vienna" - Does Ethnicity Matter?

Fjordman writes:
Many Americans seem to believe it’s all about the Constitution, and that everybody who sets foot on US soil is equally an American.. Put in the extreme, this view would mean that you could exchange the present US population with 300 million Zulus, yet the USA would still remain as American as apple pie if the Constitution remained in place. I’m not so sure that is true.

I see no indication that ethnicity is irrelevant in the USA. On the contrary, I see indications that the importance of ethnic rivalries is growing within the US along with mass immigration from non-Western countries. The reason why this haven’t had serious repercussions yet is because the white majority clings to the idea that ethnicity doesn’t matter. But as the white majority grows smaller and eventually disappears, these ethnic rivalries could potentially grow a lot worse as there would no longer be a stable majority group in the country.

The USA, and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, were founded as modern states by people of European origins. European Americans made up almost 90% of the population in the USA until a few decades ago. I don’t know about a single example where a country has totally changed its majority population, and where the people who originally shaped the country’s institutions have been rendered a minority, and where this hasn’t resulted in a huge change in that country’s culture.

my favorite comment, in response to someone asking the name of a report that proved that diversity creates mistrust:

Somebody reading this might recall that report.

The study you are talking about was done by Robert Putnam, the Harvard sociologist. He found that "diversity" far from being a strength, actually destroys community cohesion and what he calls "social capital" and what we would probably call "the ties that bind." The study took something like seven years and surveyed hundreds of communities in the US and thousands of people. Of course, It is not rocket science that cramming people from all over the world, many from incompatible cultures, will seriously disrupt an established community -- but then Putnam is a liberal Harvard sociologist, so he had to have a study to "prove" what has been obvious throughout history for thousands of years.

And, I might note they STILL ignore the consequences! But that's what ideology does - blinds one to reality, whether its Bush and the Neocons and their democracy-at-gunpoint-and-everyone-will-be-happy agenda, or the left, 'if we could just hold hands and sing kum by ya, it will be just like "Its a small world" ride at Disneyland.

Of course, like Bush, in light of this evidence the leftists and globalists aren't going to stop - they are gaining enormous power and money from the diversity game and they really don't care how many women are raped, how many christmas trees come down (in fact they see this as a positive) how much violent crime rises - THEY gain power.

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