Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Spirit of the "Holidays"

I always get a chuckle out of this.. is New Year's Day the reason we wish peace on earth, good will towards men and charity? Or Hanakkah, which celebrates a military victory? Or Ramandon? Or a fake 'black pride' 'holiday' like Kwanza, which I have never seen refered to except by PC nuts and in sardonic humor?

But our anti-Christian, aggresively multicultural society, press and courts, spearheaded by the outrageously hypocritical, anti Christian, poorly named Anti Defamation League, can't bring themselves to even admit that the 'spirit of the holidays' - the spirit of charity, of giving, of good- will (of which the ADL and ACLU have none) is gulp...from Christmas.

So a Merry Christmas readers, and say it loud and wide and if some anti-Christian sour puss like Abe Foxman cringes when you say it, all the better say it again - like that delightful scene from Scrooge when Scrooge's nephew wishes his uncle a Merry Christmas and doesn't let Scrooge's black heart darken the holiday. Unfortunately too many americans have let Foxman and his ilk intimidate them. Its up to you, not the courts, not the pundits not the media.

Even a casual examination the behavior of the 'anti christmas' -(Foxman in particular) will reveal their hypocrisy, and that we are only feeding their hatred and their prejudices.

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