Friday, October 5, 2007

What's this?! A Hollywood Movie I Can Look Forward to?!

shock. Indian made it.
link to site.
A clip from the trailer reminded me of Hollywood's golden age epics, often centering around the time of Elizbeth, starring the great Errol Flynn.

I haven't seen it yet (opens october 12) is it too much to hope for a movie which actually shows Anglo-Saxons in a positive light and reminds the world of the daring and dashing heroes like Raliegh, Drake and the other Sea dogs? (they were never called Sea Hawks) . Drake's story is the most interesting. His cousin was burned by the inquisition, and he literally got the fire of God in him , which seemed to go nicely with his new career plundering Spanish treasure galleons.

He was so feared by the Spanish they gave him the nickname "El-Draco" - the Dragon - like Rommel's 'positive' nickname given by the allies - the desert fox, it showed a grudging admiration.

Like the conquistadors - the sea dogs all came from a small area of the country (Devon) and few families.

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