Sunday, October 28, 2007

They Should At Least Use Knopf Guides...

They have pretty pictures. Article.:

We tried to rebuild Iraq based on info in the 1994 Lonely Planet guide book

By Nick Owens Nick.Owens@Sundaymirror.Co.Uk 28/10/2007
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The plan to rebuild Iraq was so vague that those given the job of reconstruction turned to an out-of-date Lonely Planet guide book for help and inspiration....

I hope Lonely Planet's Iran guide is a bit more up to date. Perhaps they should consider a warning label:.

**warning! For recreational purposes only, should not be used for nation-building or reconstruction of war devastated countries.

After all, the Neocons have blamed most everyone else for the failure of their middle east policy, so I don't doubt they'll blame the poor editors at Lonely Planet as well. We all know the feeling - annoyed that we paid 16.95 for guide only to find out the recommended restaurant is closed, just imagine if you're planning not just an evening out, but rebuilding a whole country!

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