Friday, October 19, 2007

False Courage: Richard Dawkins:

Professor Dawkins, who as author of the The God Delusion is no stranger to controversy, yesterday declined to comment on Dr Watson's remarks. link

Dawkins is no fool, it would seem. Its OK to say God doesn't exist. It's OK to utterly mock religious people as ignorant, but people who belittle a scientist? Scientific Marxism? No way will Dawkins utter that heresy, for he knows the inquisition will come. He must know he is supported as long as he continues to attack the fabric of Western society - by destroying one of the pillars of the Christian West - the Church (big and small c), he is useful as long as he does that.

Dawkins is always defending reason against "religious ignorance" yet is unwilling to defend Watson...why? It doesn't take a lot of speculation to figure out why.

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