Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quick! Call Out The National Guard!

Over 179 stories:

Noose discovery stuns Columbia University
CNN - 3 hours ago
NEW YORK (CNN) -- A noose was discovered this week on the office door of an African-American professor at Columbia University, school officials and the New ...
Hangman's Noose Found On Nyc Prof's Door
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 51 minutes ago
From AP By ADAM GOLDMAN AP Writer NEW YORK (AP) - The president of Columbia University's Teachers College sent an e-mail to students and faculty members ...
Black Columbia professor finds hangman's noose outside office
Times Online, UK - 5 hours ago
A black professor at Columbia University's Teachers College has discovered a hangman's noose hanging on her office door in the latest in a series of copycat ...
Black Columbia professor finds noose at office
Newsday, NY - 3 hours ago
BY DANIEL MASSEY | Special to Newsday; Staff writer Zachary R. Dowdy contributed to this story. October 10, 2007 A black professor at Columbia University's ...
NYPD Hate Crimes Unit Investigates Noose Incident At Columbia
NY1, NY - 1 hour ago
With a student rally and a school meeting planned for this afternoon, the NYPD's hate crime unit is looking into the discovery of a hangman's noose, ...

Jena: Six blacks beat one white- playground fun. A noose hung? Hate crime. Note, no violence, but scores of specialized officers going to investigate what will likely turn out to be a. self induced (as often these 'hate victims' are ) - and then quickly disappear from the media with the 'victim' mumbling something about wanting to bring awareness to racism. b. be a stupid prank. Meanwhile, rapes and murders go unsolved in this city, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants suppress wages, burden health services and commit violent crimes.

On a near daily basis black on white crime, black on black crime, immigrant on native crime happens, and is skyrocketing, and its not news, but lets allocate our resources to investigating this nonsense, and make it national news. It's amazing how the media loves to pick up these stories, yet on a regular basis ignore horrific black on white crimes - like Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian - the police claim its not a hate crime the SPLC claims its racism to even get concerned about the case. Remember the brutal executions in Newark? If murders were white, it would be an 5 day straight front page of the new york times extravaganza.

Why do mainstream media have such contempt and hatred for middle class whites? Particularly southern ones? Many neoconservatives also have a deep hatred and mistrust of rural and southern America - so both the left and right wing of the East coast elite do...what's the connection?

Lets ignore our borders and attack Iran, then wonder why we have terrorism. Lets open muslim immigration even wider (as Bush has), ignoring the examples in France, and then wonder why we have problems and conflict. Really, are the elite mad? Or is there some method to all this? I don't know if there is method - but it has all the earmarks of a radical revolution - a velvet one, but a revolution, non the less.

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