Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just How Crazy Can the UK Get?

A SCHOOL was yesterday accused of MAKING teachers dress up as Asians for a day – to celebrate a Muslim festival.

Kids at the 257-pupil primary have also been told to don ethnic garb even though most are Christians.

The morning assembly will be open to all parents – but dads are BARRED from a women-only party in the afternoon because Muslim husbands object to wives mixing with other men.

Just two members of staff – a part-time teacher and a teaching assistant – are Muslim.

Yesterday a relative of one of the 39 others said: “Staff have got to go along with it – or let’s face it, they would be branded racist.

“Who would put their job on the line? They have been told they have to embrace the day to show their diversity. But they are not all happy.”

The day aims to belatedly mark Eid, the end of Ramadan.

Sally Bloomer, head of Rufford primary school in Lye, West Midlands, insisted: “I have not heard of any complaints.

“It’s all part of a diversity project to promote multi-culturalism.

Yes, this is the same UK where English Flags, hot Cross buns and Christmas trees are banned, and apparently, so called equality between the sexes isn't it concern either. So what's going on here? Why are leftists so willing to promote a a. religion b. one that is openly discriminatory? Because their only goal is destroy the west. At this point what can we do? It seem the elite - the ones promoting these policies - have made a complete disconnect and are openly and aggressively promoting policies made to destroy the indigenous populations of Western countries. It can only go one its just a question of when.

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