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The Fatherless Civilization

The Fatherless Civilization

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American columnist Diana West recently released her book The Death of the Grown-up, where she traces the decline of Western civilization to the permanent youth rebellions of the past two generations. The decade from the first half of the 1960s to the first half of the 1970s was clearly a major watershed in Western history, with the start of non-Western mass immigration in the USA, the birth of Eurabia in Western Europe and the rise of Multiculturalism and radical Feminism.

....more here. originally found at the worthy "Gates Of Vienna"

By the way the Belgium government has tried to shut down the Brussels Journal, charging that it is racist, a mild examination of it will show that its content is about as 'right' as a conservative in the US, say Pat Buchanan as a yardstick.... in the same way they declared the party that wanted to limit immigration as racist and illegal (when it was showing strong backing in the polls) they now want to censor opinion that is creating those parties. This is 'democracy' in the EU.

On the theme of maturity Pat Buchanan asks "Does this generation have the maturity to lead America?" The answer, of course, is a resounding no. The 1960s/Baby Boom generation recreated society on false values and lies, and now it is all falling apart. You can only ignore reality so long.

Buchanan is writing about the Democrat sponsored Armenian genocide resolution, and offers legitimate objections why now would not be a good time to go through with such legislation, but it's inevitable that it will - once we embraced the victim/handout culture, it was difficult to deny it to others, it obvious 'the system' doesn't work anymore. Previously, with pressure from the ADL and AIPAC, Democrats would help to suppress such resolutions but in the age of the interent and Youtube, local activism becomes national whether mainstream media likes it or not - and town of Waterton mass, booting the ADL for being the massive hypocrites they are, caused the ADL to reverse its stance.

I know how the ADL hates public quotations of the New Testament, but, Mr. Foxman, a house built on sand.....

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