Friday, October 12, 2007

Because It's Friday, and I don't feel Like Working...

I have a thing for Queen Rania. What a face. My goodness. Stunning. Perhaps because the first girl I had a crush on was Egyptian? Is that the root of my arabist sympathies? Who knows.

In my personal observations, in general I have found Palestinian women to be quite often attractive and in some strange way often resembling pretty Scottish women, same intense light eyes, with striking brows, raven hair, though obviously not a fair.

A legacy of the crusades? Often the prettiest ones are Christian, who obviously have amixture of blood.

However, of the four prettiest women I have ever seen one was in the Protestant section of Belfast, the other in Edinburgh, the third as a girl of Scottish descent in my high school, so genitic fatalists like Richard Dawkins would say its in my genes.

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