Friday, October 26, 2007

In the "New Europe"

You're jailed for speaking out against homosexuality, or saying you don't want your country replaced by foriengers. If you are a member of a privilidged polictical group you can physically attack people who say these things and not be prosecuted:


The attackers, referred to here as “autonomous”, are presumably from the Danish affiliate of Antifa, “Antifascist Action”, the international alliance of anarchist organizations which is active throughout Europe.

This incident highlights one of the risks of planning such a demonstration — you need and want publicity so that people who support you will turn out, but this also tells your enemies

These 'antifacist' groups have propensity for violence and intolerance but are rarely prosecuted either in Europe, America or Canada. They in fact worked closely with the grossly hypocritical 'hatewatch' which eventually disbanded amid controversy.

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